FUN-video: Flagstaff to Paso Robles – Movie Trailer

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  • Here’s a preview of our May Road Trip. Enjoy!


FUN-photos: Flagstaff to Paso Robles Road Trip

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May was Graduation Month!

  • 1st stop – Flagstaff for favorite #1 grand daughter Nicole’s NAU graduation.
  • 2nd stop – Sequoia with it’s massive majestic trees…

…& Kings Canyon with it’s towering gigantic granite walls.

FUN-fact – Kings canyon is the deepest canyon in the United States at over a mile and a half deep!

  • 3rd stop – Yosemite with all it’s grandeur and allure…

…the roar of rushing water plunging over the rocky mountain tops…

…is both intoxicating and hypnotic.

  • BIG Bonus! Awaking to a landscape blanketed with a fresh dusting of powered snow.

More FF – Yosemite Falls is the highest waterfall in North America.

  • 4th stop – Modesto for favorite #2 grand boy (& Valedictorian) Patrick’s 8th grade graduation.
  • 5th stop – Paso Robles for wine tasting & treats. And our BIGGEST treat was staying at the Allegretto Vineyard Resort!

FUN-travel: Flagstaff, AZ to Capitol Reef, UT

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  • Scenic Hwy 89 drive winds through deserts & forests…

Vermillion Cliffs

…with red rock formations & rivers.

  • Utah’s “Grand Staircase”…consists of layers of sedimentary rock…

…sporting spectacular varying coloration…of reds & purples…

Between Zion & Bryce

…to greens & grays…that change with the angle of the sun.

FUN-fact – The Grand Staircase refers to the 150-mile-long geological strata that begins at the bottom of the Grand Canyon and rises, in stair steps, 3500ft to Bryce Canyon and Escalante River Canyon. The striped layers of rock reveal 260 million years of history.

More FF – At 1.9-million-acres the Grand Staircase–Escalante National Monument is the largest park in the Southwest.

“Wild West Glamping”


FUN-travel: Driving the good ole US of A! Flagstaff to home

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Day 6 – Flagstaff, AZ

  • Meet our grandson for lunch and tour NAU – he’s in 1st year
  • Go to Walnut Canyon – too windy & cold to go over to cliff dwellings
  • 6:30 – dinner

FUN-food – Delhi Palace – in strip mall but nice inside – great wine list – lamb vindaloo & lentil makhani – $81

16 Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, AZ

Day 7 – drive 335 – Henderson, NV via Sedona, AZ

  • Supposed to go to Grand Canyon but too cold
  • Drive to Sedona instead
  • Brunch stop – Desert Flour Bakery – VG $15
  • 4:00 – arrive & spend time with son Mike
  • 6:30 – dinner

FUN- food – Anthony’s in M Resort – Martini, nice wine, scallops, sea bass, caprese – YUMMY $$$$

Day 8 – drive 329 

  • 8:00 – hit the road
  • 3:00 – HOME SWEET HOME!

Trip FUN-fact – We are going to go back to Sedona for 2 nights, Flagstaff for 2 nights and then on to the Grand Canyon when the weather is a lot warmer – like May of 2015!

19 Sedona, Arizona

More Sedona Red Rock

FUN-travel: Driving the good ole US of A! Tucumcari, NM to Flagstaff, AZ

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Day 4 – drive 474 miles – Tucumcari, NM – Pop. 5363

5 Shamrock, Texas

U Drop Inn

  • Had a great speech @ NACUFS Southern Region Conference
  • 12:00 – hit the road
  • 12:30 – lunch stop

FUN- food – Cowboy Travel Plaza for the best BBQ lunch! The place was packed and the service was great. It’s basically a truck stop with a big store and restaurant. Rotisserie chicken sandwich, bbq beef sandwich, 2 sodas $20.

  • Shamrock, Tx stop – photo op U Drop Inn
  • 6:00 – arrive Tucumcari, NM
  • Holiday Inn & La Quinta behind the McDonald’s
  • Stay at La Quinta – newer hotel
  • 7:30 – dinner @ K Bob’s across parking lot – nice salad bar & drinkable wine

FUN-fact – Many of the scenes in the television show Rawhide (1959–1966) starring Clint Eastwood were shot in the Tucumcari area.

Day 5 – drive 496 – Flagstaff, AZ – Pop. 67,468

  • 8:00 – hit the road after McCafe coffee w/espresso shot
  • 1:00 – Gallup, NM – more great art deco on Route 66 – Hotel El Rancho
  • 3:00 – arrive Flagstaff
  • 6:00 – meet long time friends for happy hour @Rendezvous Martini bar
  • Dinner – PaTo Thai next door
  • Starts snowing

FUN-fact – Had enough points to stay 2 nights for free.
Not so FF – La Quinta in Flagstaff is old and tired.

1 Gallup, New Mexico

El Rancho