FUN-video: Flagstaff to Paso Robles – Movie Trailer

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  • Here’s a preview of our May Road Trip. Enjoy!


FUN-photos: Flagstaff to Paso Robles Road Trip

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May was Graduation Month!

  • 1st stop – Flagstaff for favorite #1 grand daughter Nicole’s NAU graduation.
  • 2nd stop – Sequoia with it’s massive majestic trees…

…& Kings Canyon with it’s towering gigantic granite walls.

FUN-fact – Kings canyon is the deepest canyon in the United States at over a mile and a half deep!

  • 3rd stop – Yosemite with all it’s grandeur and allure…

…the roar of rushing water plunging over the rocky mountain tops…

…is both intoxicating and hypnotic.

  • BIG Bonus! Awaking to a landscape blanketed with a fresh dusting of powered snow.

More FF – Yosemite Falls is the highest waterfall in North America.

  • 4th stop – Modesto for favorite #2 grand boy (& Valedictorian) Patrick’s 8th grade graduation.
  • 5th stop – Paso Robles for wine tasting & treats. And our BIGGEST treat was staying at the Allegretto Vineyard Resort!

FUN-travel: 1st 2015 Road Trip – Modesto & OOC Concert – Day 1

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  • We started our first road trip of 2015 headed to Modesto to see our “grand boys” and their band, OOC – Out of Control, perform at the Gallo Center for the Arts. Before the concert we cheered Kelly (mom) on near the finish line of her half marathon. I really admire anyone who has the nerve to do that. (I only run if someone is chasing me!)

12 Trip to Modesto 3.15

  • Then we loaded up with a great breakfast at My Garden Café. Protein, fat and carbs served up on over sized plates; cooked to order perfectly. And just what I needed after watching a morning marathon!
  • By 12:30 we were all settled into our plush seats awaiting OOC, who were the 2nd act. There was no question that the band had improved greatly since the last time we saw them at practice in September 2014. Colin is quite the showman and already exhibits “rock star qualities” as he gets down with his guitar and belts out songs. Patrick has a more “laid back” style as he strums his electric ukulele. Both brothers had lead male vocals.

11 Trip to Modesto 3.15

  • Katherine’s not into music right now (and totally into basketball) but she did make the local paper. She was competing in the Girl Scout Pinewood Derby. She didn’t have the fastest car, but it definitely looked the coolest! Check out her A-Team van.

K box car