About FUN-damentals

The FUN-damentals are the most important, basic, and FUN parts of your job and your life.susanclarke-jump

Do you have FUN at work? Or do you view your job as mostly tedious and boring? Do you have FUN in your personal relationships? Or do you look for ways to avoid being with your family or friends

  • Having FUN at work doesn’t mean “horsing around” and not taking care of your customers, members, guests, or clients.
  • Having FUN at work means finding enjoyment and/or fulfillment in what you do.
  • People who have FUN look forward to going to work.
  • They feel that they have a purpose in life and that they are making a difference.
  • People who have FUN at work have more energy, are more creative, are more productive, and understand the importance of having a sense of humor.
  • And customers who feel that FUN, spend more money, come back more often, and spread positive word-of-mouth!

Karyn Buxman is a speaker and author who has an article on her website titled, “When Funny Means Money: Sales.” She writes, “I know what some of you left brain logical people are thinking. Humor: It’s cute. It’s entertaining. But it’s just not practical.”

“Hey, you don’t have to take my word for it. You can ask the people at American Express or Jell-O. These companies understand that while people use logic to justify their buying decisions, emotion is what sells. And one of the quickest connections to emotion is humor.”

“Why else would American Express spend millions of dollars to feature Jerry Seinfeld in their ads? (He now also has a $10 million deal from Microsoft!)”

“Why would Capitol One present David Spade in their commercials?”

“Why would Jell-O hire Bill Cosby as their spokesperson? ”

“These companies understand that humor fosters connection, and that this connection, in turn, affects people’s buying decisions.”

When it comes to your personal life I don’t believe that you “work” at relationships. I believe that all you have to do is “play” at relationships. Think about it. The people who you have FUN with are the people you want to be around, right? They’re not difficult, they’re easy. And when you are FUN to be around you will have no shortage of friends! (Actually, you may attract people that you don’t want to be around. And they’re NO FUN because they’re too caught up in being negative.)

If it is true what they say, that your belief system determines your values, that your values determine your attitudes, and that your attitudes get played out in your behavior, then your personal and professional life should be closely aligned to your values.

What do you do in your work or personal life that gives you meaning and excites you? Is it being involved with a charity? Is it making and managing investments? Is it teaching Sunday school? Is it being promoted and moving up the corporate ladder? Is it taking on more challenges? Is it doing arts and crafts projects? Is it being able to do research? Is it dancing or designing something?

The FUN-damentals by Susan Clarke are all about helping her audience identify the most important and basic parts to find fulfillment and pleasure in their jobs and in their life.