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cd-believe-achieve_600pxThe FUN-damentals of Believing, Achieving and Succeeding

Are you challenged in achieving your vision? Do you need a clear picture and motivation to take action?  Create a breakthrough!

In order for you to get what you want out of life, you need to have a clear picture and then you need to take action. In this highly entertaining and thought provoking program, Susan will take you through the process of:

  • Believing: Having the right attitude to succeed
  • Achieving: Connecting with and creating deep rapport easily
  • Succeeding: Setting clear and realistic intentions and goals

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cd-relationships_600pxThe FUN-damentals of Relationships

Susan uses her trademarked humor and frankness to actually take you on a step-by-step journey towards examining your behavior. She first provides you with the tools to understand yourself. Then, she gives you the tools so that you can understand others. You walk away armed with proven ideas that will help you achieve your relationship goals with colleagues, superiors, family, and friends. Program highlights include:

  • Recognizing other behavioral styles
  • Adapting for increased communication and understanding
  • Appreciating the differences and idiosyncrasies of family members, close friends, and life partners

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cd-emotional-intelligence_600pxThe FUN-damentals of Emotional Intelligence

Did you know that it’s your IQ (Intellectual Intelligence) that gets you hired and your EQ (Emotional Intelligence) that gets you promoted and increases your income?

Did you know that salespeople who are optimistic sell on average 37% more than their negative counterparts?

Did you know that the main reason Los Angeles Police Chief Willie Williams contract was not renewed was because of his inability to work well with his subordinates and superiors?  People who are emotionally adept–who know and manage their own feelings well, and who read and deal effectively with other people’s feelings– are at an advantage in all areas of their life.   The five areas of Emotional Intelligence covered in detail are:

  • Self awareness–knowing one’s emotions
  • Managing your emotions
  • Motivating yourself by applying the four keys
  • Recognizing emotions in others
  • Handing relationships effectively by applying the four keys

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