FUN-travel: Capitol Reef, UT

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…into the depths of the park experiencing breathtaking Cathedral Valley…

…with its massive monoliths Temple of the Sun & Temple of the Moon standing 400 to 500 feet high…

…& Gypsum Sinkhole… 200-foot deep & 50 feet in diameter.

…& The Castle…an incredible craggy sandstone formation…

…& 7 hours later happy to have a nice cold beer…on solid ground!

FUN-fact – The park is named for the white domes and cliffs resembling the United States Capitol building, and for the nearly impassable ‘barrier reef’ cliffs that early explorers encountered.

FUN-travel: Flagstaff, AZ to Capitol Reef, UT

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  • Scenic Hwy 89 drive winds through deserts & forests…

Vermillion Cliffs

…with red rock formations & rivers.

  • Utah’s “Grand Staircase”…consists of layers of sedimentary rock…

…sporting spectacular varying coloration…of reds & purples…

Between Zion & Bryce

…to greens & grays…that change with the angle of the sun.

FUN-fact – The Grand Staircase refers to the 150-mile-long geological strata that begins at the bottom of the Grand Canyon and rises, in stair steps, 3500ft to Bryce Canyon and Escalante River Canyon. The striped layers of rock reveal 260 million years of history.

More FF – At 1.9-million-acres the Grand Staircase–Escalante National Monument is the largest park in the Southwest.

“Wild West Glamping”