The FUN-damentals of Creating a World Class Organization

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When I met my husband-to-be Chris 11 years ago I told him, “I am in your life to teach you how to retire. You cannot go at the pace that you do every day and just stop. You need to practice.” He was in charge of a very large organization and ran it 24/7. His idea of a vacation lasted 7 days (14 if it involved international travel) and if he was bored came home early.

So while the economy was recovering, I spent the last 5 years helping my husband who was “recovering from work deprivation.” After 45 years with the same company, in a job he loved, it became my job to teach him how to have FUN not working.

The first big “retirement trip” was Asia – 4 countries – 31 days. When he asked me, “Why are we coming home so soon?” I replied, “I guess we don’t need to come home do we?” And so we added another 20 days in China.

In the summer of 2014, we spent 56 days starting in Russia, cruising the Baltic Sea, touring Northern Europe, heading to the Arctic in search of Polar Bears, then to Greenland and ending in Iceland.

Since January, 2010, we have spent 424 days traveling outside of the US and over the last 10 years our travels have included all 7 continents and Cuba.

If you’re ready to create a “World Class” organization, I can help you to do just that!

The FUN-damentals of Relationships

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Susan uses her trademarked humor and frankness to actually take you on a step-by-step journey towards examining your behavior. She first provides you with the tools to understand yourself. Then, she gives you the tools so that you can understand others. You walk away armed with proven ideas that will help you achieve your relationship goals with colleagues, superiors, family, and friends. Program highlights include:

  • Recognizing other behavioral styles
  • Adapting for increased communication and understanding
  • Appreciating the differences and idiosyncrasies of family members, close friends, and life partners

The FUN-damentals of Generations X & Y!

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In today’s ever changing and diverse work environment, in order to survive and thrive you have to be able to relate to and identify with the people you come in contact with on a daily basis.

Generation X started entering the workforce in 1980.  They are fiercely independent and amazingly entrepreneurial. What are you doing to position and promote them into supervisory and management positions? Susan will share how you can use their talents to the fullest and make your life easier by understanding them.

And then, just when you thought you had your employees figured out, in comes a new generation!  The Why Generation was born after 1980 and if you want to keep this young talent, (that’s right, they are extremely talented) you better understand how to lead them.

Susan’s programs are highly educational, entertaining and interactive. She uses a combination of lecture, with discussion and role playing sprinkled throughout, to keep audiences members on the edge of their seats.  Attendees will walk away armed and recharged to go back into their offices and create an environment that allows both Gen Xers and Gen Y’s to flourish and breathe new life into their associations. This program includes:

  • 15 Keys to Managing Generations X & Y
  • 5 Ways to Create an Atmosphere That Celebrates Success
  • 3 Ways to Create More Fun
  • 6 Ways to Keep Motivation On Going
  • 7 Keys to Retention
  • 6 Killer Ideas for Rewarding Them


The FUN-damentals of Communication

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This program is designed to show you why different behavioral styles require different communication styles. You will learn how to open the door of communication with the appropriate tone of voice, words, body language and pace of speed and action. This program is designed to show you how to:

  • Recognize and appreciate others’ behavioral style
  • Adapt for increased communication and understanding
  • “Connect” and create deep rapport with all styles

The FUN-damentals of World-Class Service

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Do you have a team of professional players who are all committed to providing the “Total Quality Experience” to each and every customer, guest, member, or client they come in contact with?

In this program Susan guides you in the process of identifying the needs and expectations of your internal & external customers. She then focuses on creating leaders who can model the behavior and have the ability to communicate “World Class” service to their teams.

This program highlights the how-to’s of:

  • Providing a “Value Based” Experience
  • Turning Mediocre Service into Memorable Service
  • Creating Instant Rapport for Deeper Connections
  • Taking Your Organization To The Next Level By Giving Personalized Service
  • Maintaining the Competitive Edge
  • Turning Complaints into Compliments
  • Turning Your Internal Customers Into Marketing Ambassadors
  • Creating An Organization That Can Provide Exceptional “World Class” Service

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