Testimonials: Women’s Groups

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“You really knocked their socks off! You provided customized content that the dealer employees could apply to there work place.”
—Kimberly Haverlock, District Manager-Ford Division
Ford Motor Company, Women’s Professional Development Conference

“You were exceptional and the 3,000 women who attended loved you. You made us look good Susan and we would love to have you back.”
—Susan D. Forrester, CMP Conference Coordinator
Central California Women’s Conference

“What can I say? You were sensational! Your energy and enthusiasm captivated our group and was very contagious.”
—Lynn Smith, President
Financial Women International, Inland Empire Group

“We felt that the presentation was relevant, to the point, practical, personal, and presented with a great sense of humor.
—Kris Penner, Program Chairman
American Business Women’s Association

“Not only were your two programs ‘Standing room only’ but 94% of the audience rated you as an excellent speaker and role model.”
—Susan D. Forrester, Conference Coordinator
Central California Women’s Conference

“Wow!!! Being a first timer to your dynamic presence I was mesmerized and what a tough topic. You made me tear up Great Job!!! I look forward to hearing more of your work. Please let me know when and where, and I will do my best to be in the crowd.”
—Cory E Sharp, Executive Director
Construction Outsource Group, Inc

“You are a very dynamic and passionate speaker and everyone is talking about how inspired they were and what a memorable experience you provided for them.”
—Judy Baker, Program Coordinator
Columbia Chamber of Commerce & Women’s Network

“Your knowledge, experience, humor and speaking ability placed “Your Attitude is Showing” as our most successful event of this program year.”
—Lisa Pugh, Vice President, Programming
Financial Women International, Orange County

“Having you for the Eighth Annual Women’s Conference was the best decision I have made all year!”
—Donna Cadwallader, Coordinator
Women’s Health Program

“Wow! Another great program featuring your dynamic and to-the-point style!”
—Darlene Sessions, Vice President
Financial Women International, Inland Empire Group

“You inspired your audience to take action! I have always had a special place in my heart for speakers, like yourself, who motivate others to new awareness by sharing their knowledge.”
—Beverly Weurding, Symposium Manager
Sharp Health Care

” This was the best session I have ever attended…thank you!!!”
“She is great…what enthusiasm!”
“I was inspired to make changes. Energetic speaker­ uses funny examples to punctuate her point! Practical suggestions to use in all aspects of life.”
“These are just a few of the many wonderful comments our women attendees had to say about you.”
—Susan D. Forrester, CMP Conference Coordinator
Central California Women’s Conference

“You were one of the best speakers we have had this year and a real joy to work with.”
—Robyn Schumacher, Secretary
San Diego Women in Travel

“Probably the best program of the day”I really believe I can change my attitude! I promise to be more positive! Dynamite!!”
—Carol Richardson, Program Coordinator
Clemson University

“The best speaker of the day! Excellent presentation, I know her message will be with me forever. Thank you! The response from our participants regarding the seminars was very positive and enthusiastic.”
—Karen Van Dyke, Executive Producer
San Diego Regional Conference for Women

“The exercise and group presentation was not only fun but also thought provoking at the same time. The talk was timely in providing our members with powerful, successful strategies in today’s market.”
—Vanessa Williams
Women’s Council of Realtors

“I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed your moving speech at the Cookie Lee convention this week. I have been struggling with this one person, and from your seminar I learned that I cannot change her, but I can change how I deal with me. I am now going to handle everything with ‘PMS’ and a sense of humor. I feel like I lost 50 lbs. (I wished I really did) just by looking at my life a little different.”
—Debra Casalegno, Unit Manager
Cookie Lee Jewelry

“I was so inspired by all that you said. You’re a wonderful speaker, and so gifted! Thank you for your wonderful insights and encouraging words. At our unit meeting last night, all the ladies said that you were their favorite speaker.”
—Romona Baker
Cookie Lee Jewelry

“We loved you and all the great knowledge you shared with us! I can’t thank you enough! I love the positive attitude you shared and I have tried to live that way   so thank you for talking about that issue over and over! I really learned so much!”
—Elza Clark, Consultant
Cookie Lee Jewelry

“I just wanted to let you know YOUR AN AWESOME WOMAN!!!!! Thank you for this past weekend. I am not going to let NO ONE burst my bubble anymore!!!! You inspired me to move on without the support of my family!!!! They’ll follow along eventually!!!! Thanks so much again.”
—Barbara Zepeda, Consultant
Cookie Lee Jewelry

“Your message moved me. You are very effective. I will forever be effected by your words.”
—Austin Arnold
Cookie Lee Jewelry

“Your speech specifically about body language, being genuine (being myself and just having fun) really helped. I had a great jewelry party last night and two ladies are very serious about signing up as consultants under me. That is 3 consultants I am signing up since convention. I have been trying to sign up someone for the last 2 years. Now I have three! I can’t thank you enough.”
—Janelle Dundore
Cookie Lee Jewelry

“I was at the Cookie Lee seminar on Saturday and had the good fortune to hear you speak. Wow! I felt so positive and energized! Thank you so much.”
—Anna Turner, Consultant
Cookie Lee Jewelry

“I was fortunate enough to have heard you speak at this year’s convention. You really hit home with me and I haven’t stopped thinking about what you said. I really would like to get a CD of The Fun-Damentals of Believing, Achieving & Succeeding as soon as possible.”
—Kathy Sladick, Unit Manager
Cookie Lee Jewelry

“You were the highlight of the convention! Your presence, your presentation, your bubbles — Ah!! Incredible!! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, your personal stories, and your heart.”
—Ginny Fedrich, Consultant
Cookie Lee Jewelry

“I truly loved your inspirational speech! I have already started exercising more positive thoughts and goals and I know that I can make this business work for me.”
—Angelic Lewis, Consultant
Cookie Lee Jewelry

“You are the best speaker I have EVER seen. You touched me on a personal level… I have been telling my husband all about you and have been repeating everything you said…. You were great.”
—Kimberly Rizzo, Consultant
Cookie Lee Jewelry

“I just had to tell you what a FANTASTIC job you did! This was my third CL convention and I gotta tell ya, she’s had some really ‘not so good’ motivational speakers OR maybe is was just that I couldn’t relate. I absolutely LOVED your talk and I could totally relate about the mom relationship.”
—Lori Taylor, Consultant
Cookie Lee Jewelry

“You were an AWESOME speaker and I loved what you shared with us. You were such an inspiration to all of us–my Unit of consultants raved about you!”
—Janice Lugo, Director
Cookie Lee Jewelry