FUN-travel: Idaho – Rafting Middle Fork of the Salmon River – End

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  • This morning was a fast pack up and then a short morning raft of 2-and-a-half hours before 199 Middle Fork of the Salmon River 7.15our journey ended where the Middle Fork meets the Main Fork. It was sweet sorrow leaving our guides (most especially Mr. T) but we were ready to get back to civilization with a nice hot shower and a bed.
  • We boarded a school bus for our long 4-hour drive back to Stanley with a couple stops and lunch to break it up.
  • Shortly after we departed we spotted a herd of big horn sheep on the bank of the river.
  • Thanks to Mr. T’s recommendation we had dinner at the Redfish Lake Lodge which was fabulous! – Steelhead Trout, Baked Brussels Sprouts, and a Watermelon Salad with arugula, feta, and beets.

FUN-fact – The first sockeye salmon completed its 900-mile migration to Redfish Lake Creek. Rivers with hotter than normal temperatures have killed many salmon this summer in the Columbia River, including more than half of the sockeye heading up the Snake River to Idaho’s Stanley basin.

  • We stayed overnight in Stanley at the Mountain Village Resort (which isn’t) because unlike most accommodations they allow one night stays.
257 Middle Fork of the Salmon River 7.15

Big Horn Sheep

Trip Recap – We picked this time of year based on water volume and speed. Given our age, the plan was to not ride the “rafting rodeo.” Going with Sobek was truly “first class” and a wonderful experience. We agreed that this was our last camping trip and are grateful for the incredible memories we will treasure forever.

262 Middle Fork of the Salmon River 7.15

Stanley & Sawtooth Mountains