Word-Of-the-Week #832: Unprecedented & WOW 16th Anniversary!

July 16, 2020 by · Comments Off on Word-Of-the-Week #832: Unprecedented & WOW 16th Anniversary! 

Unprecedented never before known or experienced. 

This week I am celebrating the 16th anniversary of my WOW – Word-Of-the-Week! Time really does fly by. And sharing thoughts from longtime friend and fellow speaker Sam Horn of the Intrigue Agency regarding these unprecedented times.

Can You Believe This Year is Half Over?

“Charles Bukowski said, “Time races by like wild horses over the hills.”  Does it seem like time is racing by – or does it feel like it is standing still and you’re just waiting for these times of Covid19 to be behind us? 

When sheltered-in-place, it’s easy for days to look the same. But they’re not the same. As the Buddha said, “Each morning, we are born again.”  

Life is much too precious to take for granted. One way to make the most of our days is to “Socrates” them – to examine, imprint, and appreciate the highlights and lessons learned.  

These questions can help you do that. We featured them in our SOMEDAY book club because a participant said in disbelief, “Can you believe 2020 is already half over?!”  

Exactly. You might want to print out these questions and talk through them with a friend or family member – in person or virtually. It can make for a meaningful conversation – and help you focus on what’s been right about the first half of this year. 

Review of the First Half of 2020:

1. What is a favorite place I discovered, explored, or spent time in? What made it special?

2. Who is someone who really impacted me? What did they do or say that made a difference?

3. How did I change – for better or for worse? What beliefs or behaviors did I adopt – or abandon?

4. What’s a meaningful achievement or skill I learned that I’m proud of?

5. What happened that was unplanned, unexpected, or surprising? How did it affect me?

6. What will I remember about my health from the past six months – and why?

7. What was my biggest challenge? What did I learn about myself – and others – as a result of it?

8. What did I NOT find time for – that I wish I had?

9. What is the best book I read? What is the most interesting movie or TV program I watched? What made it special? Why did it resonate with me?

10. What experience and/or person am I most grateful for? Why?”

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This week’s focus is about dealing with these unprecedented times. Have you learned any lessons from all of this? Have you had any meaningful conversations with friends or family about what has been right about the first half of this year?

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