FUN-travel: 3 Continents – 72 Days – Trip Recap

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  • Our Opinion: Travel is very personal! We prefer longer trips now because it is both physically and financially expensive to leave the US. We like a blend of cruising and land tours. They both have their pluses and minuses. 72 days was too long! We figure our limit is somewhere between 42 and 64 days.

    u Garabaldi Glacier 8

    Garabaldi Glacier

  • Travel Mantra: “I want to be surprised, but not pissed off.” I have learned I need to do a little more research. It never even entered my mind that we could be on our 22 day Silversea cruise and not actually stop and get off. Rough seas and bad weather caused us to miss a day on South Georgia Island and then to not be able to stop on Tristan Da Cunha. End result – we were on that ship for 11 days straight! Good news, I am very good at entertaining myself.
  • Surprises: It turned out that we went to some of the most remote inhabited islands in the world. Wasn’t planned that way – just realized that half way through the trip. We wanted to see South Georgia Island without going back to the continent of Antarctica. Silversea was the only option and they don’t have that trip scheduled in 2013 or 2014. So if you see a cruise you want to take, go for it, it may not be there next year.
Buenos Aires, Argentina 6

Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Rooms: Size does matter when it comes to a room/cabin. We don’t spend that much time in our room but when one person has to sit down while the other tries to go to the bathroom or closet it can be a real drag.

    Salisbury Plain, South Georgia 59

    Salisbury Plain, South Georgia

  • Food: We are not picky eaters and we found the food to be very good. One thing we are not accustomed to is hotels with “half board.” That means your dinner is included. We don’t like being forced to eat at our hotel (we like to be a part of the local experience) and we never order 2 entrees. It’s just not cost effective for us. Another thing we check is the price of breakfast. Many times it is included in your room mate. We have found sometimes you can opt out and not pay the charge which ranges from $18 to $30 pp. We don’t eat that much in the morning and would rather spend that on a nice lunch. When we do have breakfast included most of the time we make sandwiches to take with us to eat later.
Wadi Rum, Jordan 36

Wadi Rum, Jordan

  • Drivers/Guides: Ali was our driver (not a guide) the whole time in Jordan. While he did not speak fluent English he was very professional and competent. We felt very safe with him. If you’re going to Jordan and want a private tour his email is  Our guide for the last 8 days in Israel was Yuval and he was one of the best guides we have ever had. He had a Master’s degree and was very knowledgeable on history and religion. He was also very objective. Again, if you’re looking for a private guide in Israel his email is
  •  Lessons Learned: Stay out of Israel during Passover!
Easter Island, Chile 146

Easter Island, Chile