FUN-travel: Island of Elba to Rome, Italy – Day 8 – End of Seabourn Cruise

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Trip Day 25 – Cruise Ends – Friday, August 3 – Rome, Italy

Tiber River


Salvador Dalí

  • don’t have to get off ship until 9:30


  • have to be out of our room by 8 am

TIRA  (Things I Remember After) – The Seabourn chef bought fresh shellfish in the morning markets and cooked it tableside for lunch. We had some of the best mussels and linguine with clam sauce.

Seabourn Cruise Recap –  Travel is very personal! This is our second 6 star cruise and we were impressed with Seabourn. (we plan on cruising with all four of the 6 star cruise lines)

What we LIKED

The food and service was excellent! We booked a room with a big picture window and without a balcony. Nice and big at 295 sq ft. We don’t spend that much time in our room and are perfectly happy going up to the pool deck and sitting outside while having lunch and dinner.  In our opinion – You can’t wear an upgrade! We were surprised by how many young people, families and children were on board. This is because of the time of year, length of cruise, and ports of call. We booked a second cruise with Seabourn next February in South America.


  • paying for internet!
  • and it was extremely slow!
  • we expected the wine by the glass to be better



FUN-travel: Barcelona to Rome Cruise – 7 Days – Seabourn

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Trip Day 18 – Cruise Day 1 – Friday, July 27 – Board Ship in Barcelona, Spain


  • board ship 1:50 pm
  • our first Seabourn cruise – have heard many good things
  • brand new ship – 1 year new
  • nice bottle of Champagne in our suite
  • having people that speak English
  • lots of salads & veggies & arugula
  • food is the best we’ve ever had on a cruise ship
  • book excursion for tomorrow
  • 4:45 sail away party on pool deck
  • dinner @ patio grill – really thin crust pizza – fresh fish


  • wine by the glass selection not as good as Regents 7 Seas

FF (FUN-fact) – If you book another cruise on board the ship you save 5% in addition to any other discounts you receive through your travel agent.

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