WOW Of the Week #64: Precious

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Precious – that which we cherish and hold dear.

Do you think of life as being precious? This past month we have been hit hard with hurricanes and the devastation that has followed. It has me reflecting on how precious life is. It’s hard for me to comprehend what it would be like to experience that kind of disaster.

One of the best lines I have ever heard was in the movie Hitch, when Will Smith says, “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take…but by the moments that take our breath away.

“During the week when Hurricane Katrina hit land, my forever man and I went down to the beach to watch the sunset. What I found interesting was that everyone we came across was talking about how sad they felt for those affected by the hurricane, and how truly thankful and appreciative they were for where they lived.

We were all savoring the moment!Are you living your life to the fullest? Are you aware of all of the precious moments that you experience every day? Do you have people in your life that you cherish? This week focus on slowing down and taking time to “smell the roses” and let the people in your life know how precious they are to you.

Reader Responses

My WOW is WOW!!!! I walked out of my first night of Candidate U absolutely flying off the wall. My heart has been wanting to do this for so long and now that Patricia is a sophmore it seems like the perfect time. I am very hopeful that I can create a new career for myself. I love what I do but I really want to stretch and be stretched…you know that “skidding into the grave” life. I will keep you posted but you have been such an incredible role model for ever (even though I never tell you) and with your behind the scenes encouragement I am facing my fears, doubts, critical parent crap and doing it anyway.” — Brigid Duffield

“That was a great quote, and this is all SO true.” — Karen Zaniker

“You are too amazing. When I watched that movie on the “big screen” I heard that line and I just had to write it down. So, I took out my note pad (which I carry with me at all times) and wrote that quote down. It truly states a lot. I often reflect on that quote and focus on those moments that take our breath away.  — Don Vance

“Every day is precious. My wife, Kristen Janet, is precious. Our baby, Erin Grace, is precious. Our health is precious. Our friends and family are precious. And TIME is precious. Making use of that most precious commodity is taken for granted by many young people, unfortunately. As we get older, experience some of life’s ups and downs, find out what the IMPORTANT THINGS ARE IN LIFE, and have children, we learn how really precious time is – EVERY DAY! Every chance I get I spend time with our Erin Grace.One of the caregivers here at Walgreens Corporate Offices told me, “Take advantage of these times now, because in 10 years she won’t want anything to do with you!” She is probably right. When Erin is an eighth grader and a freshman in high school she will want to spend more time with her friends than with us. That is just the natural course of life. But when kids need something from mom and dad, guess who they turn to? But that is part of the great circle of life. Enjoying those seconds, minutes, days and times is what it is all about.In addition to taking advantage of those moments with Kristen and Erin, I try to keep in touch with friends and family members; especially when it comes to birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Those are small things, but they are remembered. I have been told by friends and family that I have a good memory for remembering their anniversaries or their kids’ birthdays. But I have never believed in a good or bad memory. I believe that memories are either trained or untrained.I have always made it a point at the end of every year to write down the birthdays and anniversaries of friends and family members in my week at a glance book. I go through each week and simply write down whose birthday, anniversary, etc. it is that week so I remember to mail a card. The reason I am able to remember is because of the act of physically writing the name, date and event on paper. That is how I learned to train my memory.The act of simply putting pen to paper helps the memory. That is the main reason I never bought a Blackberry or other mechanical device. They don’t require the physical act of writing something down on paper. Our time here is finite. Let us make the best of it and remember those who are precious and remember what is precious, every day.” — Joe Moran

“I just love your WOWs and continue to use them weekly forwarding them to my key managers with a little note about how they concur with our operations at the moment. They are just really, really great. Your personal experiences always apply universally.” — Manda Aiken