December Movies & Oscar Buzz 2010

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What makes this Oscar season so interesting is that so many of the movies are based on true stories. Rumor has it that Reality TV is changing Hollywood. The Oscar for best movie this year should be between The King’s Speech and the Social Network.

Our “Oscar Buzz” Picks The King’s Speech – lots of buzz on this one and now I know why, Geoffrey Rush and Colin Firth are exceptional and the chemistry between them is outstanding. Definite Best Movie and Actors contenders – “2 thumbs up”

Colin Firth as King George

The Fighter – and yet another true boxing story, and a dysfunctional one at that – I love anything with Amy Adams (except Leap Year) and she has taken a role that is very different than anything she has ever done (rent Junebug if you haven’t seen it) – Mark Wahlberg is great as usual but Christian Bale’s performance is definitely Oscar worthy – “2 thumbs up”

Black Swan – we had to see this even though the movie trailer didn’t really excite us. Natalie Portman has a shot at Best Actress on this one! SHE said, “Even though it was a bit hard to follow (you don’t know what is real and what is not) this one left me feeling a bit haunted and I liked it. HE said, “Natalie Portman played this role extremely well and she was the only bright spot. The movie used too many flashbacks, was dark and predictable from the beginning. Overall just not very good.” – SHE said “thumbs up” – HE said “thumbs down”.

Our Other PicksLove and Other Drugs – if you want a light, FUN, movie experience, you’ll love this one – great chemistry between Anne and Jake – predictable from the beginning but they added a twist that gave it more meat – “2 thumbs up”

The Tourist – this got such terrible reviews we almost didn’t go – we both liked it, and why? no special effects! and it felt like a 1960’s “To Catch A thief” kind of movie – Angelina looked like Sophia Loren, with great costumes – and how can you not like the sex appeal of a movie filmed in Venice? HE said, “The chemistry between Jolie and Depp just wasn’t there unfortunately.” –   “2 thumbs up”

How Do You Know? – cute, predictable entertainment about denial, trouble, limbo and love – Reese Witherspoon is adorable and Owen Wilson is just Owen Wilson, which is what I like about him – he plays a self absorbed successful baseball player – Paul Rudd was at his most charming best – “2”thumbs up”

All Good Things –Inspired by the most notorious missing person’s case in New York history, it is a love story and murder mystery set against the backdrop of a New York real estate dynasty in the 1980s – Ryan Gosling is truly one fine actor – and so is Kirsten Dunst! “2 thumbs up”

Not as Good as ExpectedTrue Grit– no question that Hailee Steinfeld stole the movie, but we personally expected more from the Coen Brothers –SHE said, “maybe because they have set us up to feel that way – just felt too slow and hard to understand, too much mumbling” – HE said, “The performances from Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon (out of his comfort zone) were mediocre at best. The storyline was shallow and overall an unbelievably bad movie.”  – “2 thumbs down”

The Oscar for best movie this year should be between the Kings Speech and the Social Network.

October/November Movies & Oscar Buzz 2010

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We got back from our six week Africa trip the middle of October and slowly eased back into our weekly Friday movie habit. We usually go with our friends, and fellow movie critics, Susan and Bill. Now we’re in full swing!

Jesse Eisenberg

Our PicksSocial Network – heard from friends it was good and we agree – very engaging & great acting, but not our pick for the Oscar – “2 thumbs up”

Inside Job – this documentary leaves you feeling pretty “pissed off” at the banking industry and the scam they pulled off for years before it all came tumbling down. And the same people responsible for it are in charge of the bailout. Go figure! – “2 thumbs up”

Fair Game – the true story of Valerie Plame getting ousted by the CIA got panned by the critics and we liked it – truth and justice eventually prevail if you don’t give up – “2 thumbs up”

127 Hours – as gruesome as it was, we didn’t “feel like we were going to pass out” as was reported by some of the critics. He said, “The story was predictable from the start and I felt it was filled with too many flashbacks just to fill up time.” She said, “Well, we knew the outcome before we went in. I thought the acting was great considering James Franco pretty much carried the movie by himself – “2 thumbs up”

Unstoppable – I wondered how they could make a feature length movie all about a runaway train and it was great edge of your seat entertainment! She said, “How come you liked this movie if you knew the outcome going in?” He said, “I knew they got it stopped, I just didn’t know how they were going to do it.” – “2 thumbs up”

Angelina Jolie

Not as Good as ExpectedSalt – just OK – too much “over the top” special effects and felt like “Angie was playing the female version of Jack Bauer.” And as we all know, only Jack Bauer can play Jack Bauer. “2 thumbs sideways”

Inception – forgot that we saw this during the summer and just could not get into it, too bizarre – “2 thumbs down”

Due Date – we surprisingly loved “The Hangover” but this was not near as good and a bit too raunchy for us. Robert Downy, Jr. did a good job. In the end it was just a so-so movie – “2 thumbs down”

Stone – Edward Norton is one incredible actor and this is another example of that – Robert De Niro’s character felt like I was watching “more of the same of De Niro playing De Niro.”  “2 thumbs down”

Couldn’t AgreeWinter’s Bone – film about a young girl in the Ozarks was very bleak – acting was very good. She said “thumbs up” – he said “thumbs down.”