Testimonials: Corporations & Organizations

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“You really knocked their socks off! You provided customized content that the dealer employees could apply to their work place.”
—Kimberly Haverlock, District Manager Ford Division
Ford Motor Company, Women’s Professional Development Conference

“I’ve heard a lot of motivational speakers before, but this is the first time that it was clear she really did her homework about the business and highly customized an opening speech.”
—National Association of State and Provisional Lotteries

“Your speech specifically about body language, being genuine (being myself and just having fun) really helped. I had a great jewelry party last night and two ladies are very serious about signing up as consultants under me. That is 3 consultants I am signing up since convention. I have been trying to sign up someone for the last 2 years. Now I have three! I can’t thank you enough.”
—Janelle Dundore
Cookie Lee Jewelry

“I want to thank you for the kind words you said about me at the Lottery Sales Conference in Palm Springs. My Supervisor Charlie Rich was very proud that one of his DSR’S was spoken of so highly at the Conference. When we launch Mega Million, and we have the first draw, I would like to present the first Mega Million ticket to you as my way of saying thanks.”
—Bill Grippo
California Lottery

“What really impressed me was how you kept the attention of the audience considering some of our people have never attended a seminar before.”
—Bill Fellows, Vice President
Tallon Termite and Pest Control

“What a success! Congratulations on receiving one of the shows highest evaluation ratings.”
—Diane M. Stakoe, Conference Producer
INC. Business Resources

“You are a very dynamic and passionate speaker and everyone is talking about how inspired they were and what a memorable experience you provided for them.”
—Judy Baker, Program Coordinator
Columbia Chamber of Commerce & Women’s Network

“Any organization seeking a positive, intense, memorable, and interactive program will benefit greatly from your presentation.”
—Linda Stine, President
Fresh Produce and Floral Council

“I would recommend you to any audience that wants an uplifting message.”
—Nancy H. Wilson, VP Operations
Sports, INC.

“You were great! Not only did the audience like it, but they got it as well…that is the measure of a successful presentation.”
—Andy Anderson, Executive Producer
Ryder Annual Dealer Convention

“Your level of enthusiasm, knowledge of people and their uniqueness, as well as, your tremendous sense of humor helped to make our conference the best ever!”
—Grace R. Brodsky
Mail Boxes Etc

“Thank you again for a professional and exciting presentation to our clients.”
—Thelma Ramey
Corporate Events

“I feel that the program was quite a success and that the needs of the participants were met.”
—Martha M. Harper, Program Coordinator
College of Commerce and Industry

“Thank you so much for your dynamic presentation.”
—John Tompkins, Speaker Coordinator
Solana Beach Presbyterian Church

“The conference was a great success and we could not have done it without you.”
—Brian Murphy, Conference Producer
Inc. magazine

“I was quite impressed with your message and delivery and welcomed the opportunity to share that with our merchants.”
—Marla Niffen, Assistant Center Manager/Marketing Director
La Jolla Village Square

“I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed your moving speech at the Cookie Lee Jewelry
convention this week. I have been struggling with this one person, and from your seminar I learned that I cannot change her, but I can change how I deal with me. I am now going to handle everything with ‘PMS’ and a sense of humor. I feel like I lost 50 lbs. (I wished I really did) just by looking at my life a little different.”
—Debra Casalegno, Unit Manager
Cookie Lee Jewelry

“Your program and facilitation helped us create a strong sense of unity and direction for our organization.”
—O.B. MainStreet Association Board of Directors

“We loved you and all the great knowledge you shared with us! I can’t thank you enough! I love the positive attitude you shared and I have tried to live that way  — so thank you for talking about that issue over and over! I really learned so much!”
—Elza Clark, Consultant
Cookie Lee Jewelry

“I have received numerous positive comments from the meeting planners who attended, all of who indicated that the day was valuable, professional, and enjoyable due to the fine calibers of speakers involved.”
—Julie Efaw, Executive Director
Capitol City Speakers Bureau

“I was so inspired by all that you said. You’re a wonderful speaker, and so gifted! Thank you for your wonderful insights and encouraging words. At our unit meeting last night, all the ladies said that you were their favorite speaker.”
—Romona Baker
Cookie Lee Jewelry

“Your program was rated excellent and motivating and our members said, ‘This was the best of all shows and conventions.'”
—Jim Merrill, CGR
Chairman, NAHB Remodelers Council

“Susan Clarke is the best speaker the Ormond Beach Chamber of Commerce ever had. The enthusiasm she spreads in a room is so rewarding.”
—Carla Cornelius, Public Relations/social Committee
Ormond Beach Chamber of Commerce

“Hilarious! She was so funny, down to earth, and so energetic. Every single person walked out with a smile. Great information! These are just a few of the comments we received regarding your presentation.”
—Carol Richardson, Program Coordinator
Clemson University

“Everyone was well pleased with her presentation and the comments ranged from FANTASTIC to she is a very motivational and high energy individual.”
—Kip Mecum, Superintendent of Building Services
University of Illinois at Urbana Campaign

“Thanks Susan for demonstrating positive attitudes, exceptional charisma, and doing a professional job.”
—Ruby Chatman, Housing Contracts Manager
University of California, San Diego

“Your presentation regarding Attitude, Motivation and Service was great! We’ve heard nothing but positive feedback from our staff. I truly believe you made a lasting impact on our staff and how they view themselves, their teammates, and our external clients.”
—Jon Henderson
Unicor Mortgage, Inc.

“I was so impressed with the high energy and professional way you brought everything together. We have hosted customer service training workshops in the past, but not on a scale like you delivered. The audience identified with you every step of the way.”
—Paul Comer, Jr., Executive Director
Gatlinburg Department of Tourism

“Your message was just what the participants needed, inspirational and practical, yet humorous. I appreciated how you took time to ‘know’ our participants and tailor your presentations to their needs.”
—Jeanne Escalera, Project Coordinator
Home Economics Education In Service Project

“All responded that the ‘one positive to every negative’ pointer was significant information that changed perceptions about customer service.”
—Lois Guarino, Director of Staff Development
Omega Institute for Holistic Studies

“Not only was Clarke’s presentation informative but it was fun. If you have the opportunity to hire Susan Clarke at your show or conference, jump at it. She is the best.”
—Joseph Declan Moran, Editor of Pizza and Pasta Magazine
Pizza and Pasta

“I enjoyed your weave of personal and professional anecdotes supporting your topic.”
—Nancy Green Faus, Manager of Marketing and Brand Development
Target Stores

“I felt so much better after your presentation. Not only about myself, but my outlook on life and relationships, both business and personal.”
—Veronica Bohde
Target Stores

“It was such a pleasurable experience to participate and see the remarkable high caliber training you are putting on. Your enthusiasm and knowledge of service is endless and we took away several ideas which will be implemented.”
—Brigid A. Duffield, Attorney at Law

“To say I appreciate your help in acting as a ‘guest lecturer’ is an understatement. The students are always challenged by your class, and feedback is consistently positive. Thank you!!!!!!”
—Tucker W. Main
Instructor, University of San Francisco

“Your message moved me. You are very effective. I will forever be effected by your words.”
—Austin Arnold
Cookie Lee Jewelry

“I was at the Cookie Lee seminar on Saturday and had the good fortune to hear you speak. Wow! I felt so positive and energized! Thank you so much.”
—Anna Turner, Consultant
Cookie Lee Jewelry

“I was fortunate enough to have heard you speak at this year’s convention. You really hit home with me and I haven’t stopped thinking about what you said. I really would like to get a CD of The Fun-Damentals of Believing, Achieving & Succeeding as soon as possible.”
—Kathy Sladick, Unit Manager
Cookie Lee Jewelry

“You were the highlight of the convention! Your presence, your presentation, your bubbles — Ah!! Incredible!! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, your personal stories, and your heart.”
—Ginny Fedrich, Consultant
Cookie Lee Jewelry

“I truly loved your inspirational speech! I have already started exercising more positive thoughts and goals and I know that I can make this business work for me.”
—Angelic Lewis, Consultant
Cookie Lee Jewelry

“You are the best speaker I have EVER seen. You touched me on a personal level… I have been telling my husband all about you and have been repeating everything you said…. You were great.”
—Kimberly Rizzo, Consultant
Cookie Lee Jewelry

“I just had to tell you what a FANTASTIC job you did! This was my third CL convention and I gotta tell ya, she’s had some really ‘not so good’ motivational speakers OR maybe is was just that I couldn’t relate. I absolutely LOVED your talk and I could totally relate about the mom relationship.”
—Lori Taylor, Consultant
Cookie Lee Jewelry

“You were an AWESOME speaker and I loved what you shared with us. You were such an inspiration to all of us —my Unit of consultants raved about you!”
—Janice Lugo, Director
Cookie Lee Jewelry