FUN-video: Hawaiian Islands Movie Trailer

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We spent a total of 17 days visiting 5 islands for my birthday month of celebrating! It was another Fabulous & FUN one 🙂

FUN-photos: Hawaiian Islands – February 2022

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1st Stop – Oahu – spent 4 days exploring the island by car

2nd Stop – Molokai – boarded boat for our first Uncruise experience!

Highlights – meet local Kahuna family in Molokai’s ancient Halawa Valley & evening pa‘ina (feast) and Hawaiian jam session with Molokai locals

3rd Stop – Lana‘I – 98% privately owned

HighlightsCat Sanctuary, downtown shopping & beach stroll

4th Stop – Maui

Highlights – morning snorkel among coral gardens and known sea turtle habitat, Humpback National Marine Sanctuary, & happy hour in Lahaina with San Diego friends George & Marilyn

FUN-fact – The Humpback National Marine Sanctuary located between Lana’i, Molokai, and Maui provides front row seats as you cruise through these productive breeding grounds searching for dolphins, whales, and other marine life.