Word-Of-the-Week #996: Heart

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Heart showing honesty, kindness, and compassion. 

Do you stand up for what you believe in even if others disagree or ridicule you? Do you value quality over quantity when it comes to relationships?

This week features the 2nd part from If someone displays these 8 behaviors, they have a genuine heart,” by Lachlan Brown, from HackSpirit.

To Recap: People with a genuine heart display these behaviors –

  1. Active Listening
  2. Consistent Authenticity
  3. Embracing Vulnerability
  1. Unafraid of Unpopularity

In a world that’s obsessed with likes, shares, and followers, a genuine heart often swims against the tide, even if it means being the odd one out.

These individuals don’t compromise their beliefs or values for the sake of popularity or acceptance.

They understand that being true to oneself is more important than fleeting admiration or fitting into a mold.

Now, here’s the honest truth: it’s tough.

Standing up for what you believe in, especially when those around you disagree or ridicule, requires immense courage.

There might be moments of loneliness or doubt.

But a person with a genuine heart would rather be disliked for being authentic than liked for being something they’re not.

Remember that the quest for authenticity is not about being confrontational or purposefully contrary. It’s about holding onto one’s essence even when the world tries to sway you otherwise.

And often, it’s these very people—the ones unafraid of unpopularity—who leave the most lasting impact.

Because they challenge us to be better, to be more real, and to face the world with unwavering authenticity.

  1. Valuing Depth Over Surface

In an era of fleeting Snapchat stories and 280-character tweets, those with genuine hearts yearn for depth.

They’re the kind of people who’d prefer an intimate, hours-long conversation over coffee than a quick chat amidst the noise of a party.

Instead of asking, “How was your day?”, they delve deeper with questions like, “What made you feel alive today?” or “What’s been weighing on your mind?”

These individuals aren’t impressed by superficial glitz or the veneer of perfection.

They see beyond the glossy Instagram feed or the rehearsed answers.

They seek realness, raw emotions, stories with grit, and conversations that stretch into the wee hours of the morning.

To them, relationships aren’t about quantity but quality.

They might not have a ‘squad’ of hundreds, but the friendships they nurture are deep, meaningful, and built on mutual respect and understanding.

With them, you’ll find a safe space to shed the layers, to be vulnerable, and to dive into the profound depths of life and all its intricacies.

  1. Small Acts, Big Heart

People with genuine hearts often shine brightest in the smallest of moments.

They don’t need grand gestures or a spotlight to make a difference.

Instead, they find fulfillment in the little things: holding the door open for someone, leaving a kind note for a colleague, or offering a comforting word to a stranger in distress.

It’s these seemingly minor acts of kindness that often have the most significant impact.

These people understand that sometimes the smallest gesture can turn around someone’s day or even change their perspective on life.

They operate on the belief that every act of kindness, no matter how trivial it may seem, contributes to a larger tapestry of compassion and goodwill in the world.

While their actions might go unnoticed or uncelebrated, the ripple effects of their genuine kindness can be profound and far-reaching.

This week’s focus is all about showing heart. Have you experienced fulfillment by doing minor acts of kindness for others?  Are your friendships deep, meaningful, and built on mutual respect and understanding? Do you seek realness, raw emotions, stories with grit, and conversations that stretch into the wee hours of the morning?

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