How To Love and Kiss Your Customers

March 28, 2009 by · Comments Off on How To Love and Kiss Your Customers 

What is really good service? Ask five different people and you’ll get five different answers. Attentiveness? YES! The ability to give your full and undivided attention to each and every one of your customers. Anticipation? Yes! The ability to anticipate what the customer wants before they ask for it. Making you feel important, special, welcome and “at home?” YES!!

What is really great service? It’s whatever makes the customer feel really good!

Because great service means so many different things to so many different people, I felt the need to express it simply. I call it my “M versus E theory” — Motion versus Emotion. Most people are “just going through the motions” everyday…..”Can I help you?” “Thank you for coming.” “Have a nice day.” “Cash or charge?” They’re not rude, they’re not completely indifferent (well, some of them are). They’re like little robots.

But every now and then you feel an emotional connection. And I truly believe that is what great service is all about. When I talk about outsmarting, outselling and outservicing the competition, the biggest key is connecting with your customers. When you give them love and kisses, they know you really care about them, and really value them. When this happens, your customers will feel good about spending their money, and will continue to come back and spend more money, as well as telling everyone else about you!

When was the last time you felt really valued and cared for as a customer? I asked that question at a recent presentation I gave, and the participant said that she spent twice as much money as she had planned, because she had an emotional connection with the salesperson. Loving and kissing your customers is about just being “totally present.” You cannot afford to “just go through the motions,” you need to create emotional connections with all your customers!