Testimonials: Private Club Industry

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“Your experience, support, and encouragement provided tremendous assistance for our staff and myself during the U.S. Senior Open.”
—Frank Gregorich III, CCM, General Manager and COO
Des Moines Golf and Country Club

“Your program for the Arizona Chapter of CMAA was great. It was the one of the best workshops I have attended in a long time.”
— Geoff Williams
White Mountain Country Club

“I just wanted to thank you again for your presentation at the Quail Hollow Club. My staff that attended were full of ideas and sharing the next day. You are a dynamic speaker and perfect for the hospitality and restaurant industry.
— Steven F. Argo, Controller
Charlotte Country Club

“You provided us with a lot of valuable information that I hope all of our members will begin to put to practice.”
—Rosemary S. Panno, President
International Association of Hospitality Accountants, Mid-Jersey Chapter

“Susan made an easy day out of a great session of motivation and employee behavior”
—Chapter Education Program Evaluation
Greater Baltimore

“Everyone who attended and stayed for golf commented that you were simply one of the best programs that the chapter has had in many years. The highlights on how to handle Generation ÔX’ers and ÔWHYers’ was totally insightful and opened our minds to how to handle and interact with meaning with these younger employees”
—Buzz Colton, Educational Chairman
Club Managers Association of America, San Diego Chapter

“Your words were both enlightening and thought provoking. I walked away refreshed and ready to attack my workload with a new outlook and zest.”
—Derick Fors, 1st Assistant Golf Professional
Charter Oak Country Club

“I’ve never had six hours go by so quickly. The information was presented in a way to get the point across and keep us on the edge of our seats.”
—Timothy M. Bakels, CCM, President
Arizona Nevada New Mexico Club Manager’s Association

“Your presentation style and use of active participation kept the audience interested. It was very encouraging to see so many in attendance continuing the discussion after your presentation had ended.”
—Ronald A. Banaszak Jr.,CCM, Education Chairman
Club Managers Association of Southern California

“Excellent – Susan is engaging, enlightening.”
“Course content was very valuable.”
“Exciting, interesting and genuine.”
“Straight forward, good stuff.”
—The Canadian Society of Club Managers

“As hot as the room got, I hear you got even hotter with an enthusiastic presentation. Sorry for the air conditioning glitch.”
—Stephen M. Wilson, The Los Angeles Country Club
CMAA Assistant Managers Conference

“What my staff and I liked most about your presentation was your enthusiasm and ability to articulate ideas.”
—Felix Solomon, General Manager, The Faculty Club
CMAA of Northern California

“I have had Susan Clarke in my club for continuing education for my staffs and she has done an outstanding job of providing the foundation for positive attitudes and behavior on the part of the staff.”
—Peter Young, CCM
Jonathan’s Landing

“With this being the first formal presentation ever given to our staff, the only disappointment to come across was that they wish they could have spent more time with you.”
—Lance Cotton, CCM, General Manager
The Racine Country Club

“Well, you did it again! What an entertaining, energizing and educational time we had when you spoke.”
—Kevin Andriano, President
Iowa “Tall Corn” Chapter

“I cannot thank you enough. The education you provided was fabulous. I’m looking forward to applying many new learned ideas at my club”
—Kristen Lindsay, GM
The Nebraska Club

“You are so good at figuring out this thing called LIFE! You are so special and gifted in sharing the right stuff!”
—Cathy Hupp, GM
Stockdale Country Club

“Just as I had hoped, your participation contributed to the success of this conference.”
—Sharon Hantman, Director, Chapter/Member Services
CMAA Leadership/Legislative Conference

“I want to personally thank you for your outstanding presentation. You left them hungry for more information.”
—Kenneth R. Green, Education Chairman
Florida CMAA

“You obviously were well prepared and organized, and you captured everyone’s attention at the entire workshop.”
—Haissam Baityeh, CCM, Myers Country Club
Carolina’s Chapter

“You kept it fun and upbeat as well as delivering a great message.”
—John Beck, General Manager, Victoria Club
CMAA Southern California Chapter

“You distinguish yourself from many speakers by being well organized, energetic, focused and entertaining.”
—Susan T. Shehan, Education Chairman, Pine Lake Country Club
Detroit Club Managers Association

“We have received numerous positive comments from managers throughout the Midwest who attended the workshop. In my case, the workshop paid for itself in three days.”
—Mitch Marron GM/COO, Education Chairman
Mid America Chapter

“Not only did you make my workload effortless but you made me look like a genius for hiring you.”
—Jeff Belting, Vice President
Upper Midwest Chapter of CMAA

“The response from the staff has been very positive and beyond my expectations. You did a great job of holding everyone’s attention. I’m now being asked when you will return”
—Earl Anderson, GM
Greensboro Country Club

“All of the of the comments I have heard from other managers have been very enthusiastically positive.”
—Patricia A. Calder, CCM, Education Chairman
Carolinas Chapter

“My hat is off to you once again. Your program really lit a fire under my staff.”
—David D. Cecil, CCM,
Cherokee Town and Country Club

“We had many employees from all of our departments attend and our membership has noticed the attitude change.”
—J. Greg Pick, General Manager,
Westwood Country Club

“Fabulous! -Keep her around and bring her back.””Inspirational and filled with many new ideas that are easily implementable.”

“You made a sometimes unexciting subject fun and truly inviting.”
—Mark Fontana, Golf Shop Manager, De Laveaga Golf Shop
Northern California PGA

“The materiel was very timely and your presentation was professional, enlightening, and fun.”
—Jeff Belting, General manager
Upper Midwest Chapter of CMAA

“Eighty percent rated your skill at presenting those ideas as a nine or a ten. Those are outstanding ratings from our group.”
—David W. Jackson, Education Chairperson
Ohio Valley Chapter

“Our staff had a great day with you and our members are experiencing the results. I look forward to a tune up next year.”
—David P. Nightingale, GM
The Olympic Club

“Your expertise, enthusiasm, and sense of humor captivated us for the entire six hours.”
—Jo Sours, Chapter Secretary
Arizona Nevada Chapter CMAA

“Your topics are worthwhile and are presented in such a positive fashion.”
—Dennis Nighswonger, CMM
The Boulders Club

“Numerous positive comments have been received supporting your program. A number of clubs have expressed interest in bringing you back.”
—David M. Pendy, Education Chairman
Detroit Club Managers Association

“High, high energy. Good pointers. She reiterated positive pointers for my working environmentÐ things I knew already, but it was good to hear her take a negative element and turn it around to good.”
“We have heard nothing but favorable comments from the attendees as you can see.”
—Jim Antkiewicz, Education Chairman
The Professional Golfers Association of America

“Susan Clarke truly walks what she talks.”
—Bill Shonk, GM, Oakwood County Club
Greater Baltimore, National Capital, and Virginia Chapters

“You presented the material in a very enthusiastic and motivational manner, which we as managers could never duplicate.”
—George M. Juba, Chairman
Pittsburgh Chapter of the Club Managers Association of America

“Ms. Clarke performed in an outstanding manner. She continually held the attention of the entire assembly, making sure no portion of the room was left unattended.”
—David A. Theorsky, Education Chairman
Pittsburgh Chapter of the Club Managers Association of America

“Your informative and inspirational program was very well received by those who attended.”
—Michael C. Begley, Education Chairman
Club Managers’ Association of Philadelphia & Vicinity

“At this time I am still receiving many compliments and I must say you were a joy to work with.”
—Gordon A. Jefferes, President
Club managers Association of Philadelphia and Vicinity

“The best of its type I have attended in years! Very Informative – a great approach.”
— Club managers Association of Philadelphia and Vicinity