Are You Properly Loving And Kissing Your Customers?

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When was the last time something stopped you in your tracks? The cover of Fast Company magazine stopped me. The graphics looked like those on a box of Tide detergent, with the red and yellow circles. The cover text read, “YOU, The Brand Called You. You Can’t Move Up If You Don’t Stand Out.” I thought, “This is so true”.

I’ve read that the average person is bombarded with 3,000 advertising impressions a day. Whatever the number, in order for you to move up, you have to stand out from those 2,999 other impressions. You, and most importantly everyone that works for you, need to stand out, so that you are the one impression your customer remembers. You become “top of mind.” I believe that for your business to stand out, and move up, your focus has to be SERVICE. When I speak on “4 Walls Marketing,” I don’t talk about how to get people to your business. I address everything that happens once you get customers within your “4 walls”, and that’s all related to service.

Before we talk about service, are you covering the two basics? (1) A quality product (2) at a fair price. (If you’re competing on price alone, you can stop reading now). If you have the basics, great! But, so does your competition. That just keeps you in the pack. You’ve got to do more to be in the lead. Service is truly the competitive edge today. I recently read an article that said one shouldn’t exceed customer expectations, one should just give satisfactory service. I say, “baloney!’ When you are a customer, do you want satisfactory service. I don’t remember satisfactory service, do you? I remember great service.

Great service is when I feel the love and kisses. (You can’t be kissing your customers, literally, unless of course, you know them really well). But the customer needs to feel the kisses, feel the love. They know you care, really care and really value them. It’s that kind of service that will make you stand out and become “top of mind.” Do your customers feel your love? When’s the last time your service stopped your customers in their tracks? The key to standing out is making sure that everyone that works for you knows the importance of “loving and kissing” the customers.

Testimonials: Health Care

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“It was evident that you did your homework and it showed throughout your talk. What you said truly had an impact and made a difference.”
—Gaye Breyman, Chief Operating Officer
California Academy of Physician Assistants

“Susan, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Service Excellence talk you gave here at Clarian yesterday. I was expecting you to give a long and boring speech, boy was I surprised. It was very interesting and far exceeded my expectation. Once again, thanks for making me laugh.”
— Tracy Smith, Accounts Payable
Methodist Medical Group/HMS

“I just attended a Medical Manager conference in Orlando where you were a Guest Speaker and I wanted to say “WOW”. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to everything you had to say. I made lots of notes and plan on starting to work with some of your ideas. I am also looking forward to getting a copy of your book.”
— Donna Shepherd
STAR Physical Therapy

“Awesome! Thanks Susan. I have heard very positive feedback our audience members.”
— Wendy Mayerson
Medical Manager Health Systems, Inc.

“Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to come and do your “motivation” talk at the DA meeting. It was terrific and we have heard very positive comments. You certainly contributed to the success of the “Club 21″ presentation.”
— Brenda Matthews, MA, Education & Consulting Dept.
Kaiser Permanente

“All the evaluations reflected how much the audience enjoyed your lecture. And found the information useful.”
—Cyndy Flores
California Academy of Physicians Assistants

“Having you for the Eighth Annual Women’s Conference was the best decision I have made all year!”
—Donna Cadwallader, Coordinator
Women’s Health Program

“You inspired your audience to take action! I have always had a special place in my heart for speakers, like yourself, who motivate others to new awareness by sharing their knowledge.”
—Beverly Weurding, Symposium Manager
Sharp Health Care

“Did her homework!”
— Dede Gish Panjada, Executive Director
National Association of Transplant Coordinators

“Your contributions made a significant impact on the overall success of our conference.”
—Sheila Crowley, Director, Member Services
Healthcare Food Service Management (HFM)