FUN-video: Northwest Passage Trailer – Greenland to Nome, Alaska

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FUN-photos: Northwest Passage – Part 2 – Cruising Canada

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With Greenland having massive amounts of ice cruising Canada felt disappointing. We had hoped to see more glaciers and animals plus someone brought COVID aboard and a total of 11 passengers had to quarantine!

That limited our stops of being able to experience the culture and people in the Inuit villages. The other land excursions we had were at the settlements of the early explorers and Thule archaeological ruins.

We would ONLY recommend this trip if you have an “undying urge” to be an explorer and walk in the footsteps of Sir John Franklin and Roald Amundsen.

FUN-fact: Smoking Hills in Franklin Bay – Underneath the rocks are layers of combustible sulphur-rich lignite – brown coal. And when they are exposed by erosion and landslides, they ignite and throw sulphurous gas into the air – the smoking effect.

FUN-photos: Canada – Dinosaurs & Polar Bears

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  • Quick 3 day Getaway!

1st AdventureDrumheller for Dinosaurs – in search of the world’s best-preserved armoured dinosaur at the Royal Tyrrell Museum – located in Canada’s Badlands & a 90 minute drive from Calgary.

  • Actually it’s a nodosaur – likely resembling a cross between a lizard & a lion – but covered in scales – petrified from the snout to the hips – originally 18 ft long & weighing in at about 3000 lbs – this armored plant eater is 110 million years old!

Polar Bear @1:30

2nd Adventure“Up Close & Personal” Polar Bear Safari – long day starting at 0’dark:30 – with 2 hr 15 min private charter jet to Churchill – for 6 + hrs in a tundra buggy – in search of polar bears migrating toward the coast – awaiting the deep freeze-up – to get access to their favorite diet of ringed seals. YUMMY!

  • Saw 12 bears of varying ages & lots of activity – & our “Big Bonus” was seeing young males spar on the icy rocky terrain just in front of us! Some just sat lazing in the balmy 30 degree fall day under cloudy skies – & the forecast for snow flurries never happened!
  • Our day ended with a short stop in town before boarding our flight & arriving back in Calgary at 20:30.

FUN-fact – In 2014, we spent 2 weeks on an arctic cruise and didn’t see anywhere near as many polar bears let alone get as close as we did here!

More FFPolar Bears International live streams the polar bears from the shores of Hudson Bay every fall!

FUN-photos: Seabourn St. Lawrence Seaway Cruise – 10 days

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We boarded our ship in Boston for the 10 day cruise to the St. Lawrence Seaway just as the remnants of Hurricane Jose hit the east coast.

  • 1st stop – Beautiful Bar Harbor, Maine & Commanding Cadillac Mountain in the Acadia National Park with its awesome views.
  • 2nd stop – Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada & picturesque Peggy’s Cove with its brightly painted wooden buildings & famous red & white lighthouse.
  • 3rd stop – Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island & the central coastal loop with its rolling farm fields, white sand beaches & grassy dunes on the north, & the south that leads to red clay cliffs.
  • 4th stop – Baie-Comeau with its balmy 54 degrees & strong wind gusts made for a very short stroll.
  • 5th stop – Saguenay Fjord ranked among the 16 must-see world attractions by National Geographic & stops at 2 of the “most beautiful villages” in Québec.
  • 6th stop – Quaint Québec with its walled city & narrow cobblestone streets to magnificent Montmorency Falls with its cliff top footpath to the suspended bridge.

Last stop – Amazing Montréal where we spent 2 days exploring the Old City & enjoying the eye-popping art work that adorned the downtown.

FUN-travel: Boston to Montreal Cruise – 7th Port – Montréal, Canada – Day 2

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  • And New Montréal…

…with the Museum of Modern Art…

…& its multitude of sculptures…

…that dot the downtown…

…makes for…

…an eye-popping experience.

FUN-fact: Québec is only 169 miles from Montréal.


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