Word-Of-the-Week #1018: Beauty

February 8, 2024 by · Comments Off on Word-Of-the-Week #1018: Beauty 

Beauty the qualities that delight the senses and that give pleasure.

Are you fully aware of those things that delight your senses and that give you pleasure?

This week features another article from The Better Newsletter by Sam Horn.


“My friend Glenna was married to Jim, a former linebacker for the Green Bay Packers, who loved being out on the lake. 

He bought a really big boat for waterskiing that wouldn’t fit in their driveway, so he parked it in their backyard. 

And there it sat… For months. For years. 

Glenna said that every time she looked in the backyard, there was that darn boat. 

Finally, one day she’d had “enough.” She got all worked up and pronounced, “Either that boat goes or I go.” 

Her husband looked at her and asked a simple question: “Glenna, what percentage of our relationship, in your opinion, works?” 

She thought about it. “Eighty percent.” 

“I agree. So, let’s focus on the 80 percent that does work instead of the 20 percent that doesn’t. Sound good?” 

She agreed … and then went out and bought a really big rosebush. 

Bada boom. 

Glenna solved her problem by looking out at beauty (instead of the boat), and she and Jim had many (mostly) happy years together. 


  • How about you? Are you looking at the beauty or the boat in your life?
  • Grab your journal and reflect on these questions:
  • Is there a way to reframe the situation?
  • What resources will I need to remedy the situation?
  • Is it my job to “fix” this?
  • Does someone need to be held accountable and am I that someone?
  • Will time heal this problem?

This week’s focus is about being able to find the beauty. Are you able to create beauty in your life even when things aren’t to your liking?

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