FUN-photos: Majestic Monarch Migration!

February 21, 2018 by · Comments Off on FUN-photos: Majestic Monarch Migration! 

Every year thousands of these lovely creatures arrive in Pismo Beach from late October to February.  Dense clusters fill the eucalyptus trees with each butterfly hanging with its wing down over the one below it to form a shingle effect. This provides shelter from the rain and warmth for the group. The weight of the cluster help keeps it from whipping in the wind and dislodging the butterflies. And from a distance they look like brown leaves. We got lucky as the weather was unseasonably warm which causes them to fly around! Pretty spectacular to say the least.

For my birthday getaway this year (after I got my fill of the butterflies) we spent a couple of days in quaint, laid back Avila Beach sprinkled with some central coast wine tasting!

FUN Bonus: Lunar Showstopper Sighting  – The night before we left I awoke and caught a glimpse of the rare trifecta: a blue moon (2nd full moon in a calendar month), a super moon (full moon at its closest point to Earth) and a blood moon (a lunar eclipse)!