WOW Of the Week #66: Auditory

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Auditory – of or relating to hearing.

Do you find it difficult to work when there is a lot of noise around you? If so, then your primary means of processing information is probably through sound. 20% of the population is auditory. They should work where they have a soothing background. They don’t function well in environments that are sonically overwhelming.

How do you identify an auditory? Their world is based on sound and they make their decisions based on the spoken word. They are always in a state of discussion and have a tendency to dominate conversations. They have a terrific capacity for handling people and do well in customer relations.

To be in rapport with an auditory, all you have to do is talk. They will get the job done as long as you tell them what you want. Don’t write it down!

They are the easiest to sell because they are receptive to verbal communication. Key questions you can ask are: Did you hear….? Do you remember exactly what they said? Have you listened to both sides?

This week focus on speaking clearly and using phrases like: “That sounds great!” or “Let’s fine-tune this.” When you can describe the desserts and have the tray for the visual, you will connect with 75% of your guests, members, and customers. Have some FUN getting creative with your visual and verbal presentation!

Reader Responses

“Thought for the day………..As small as it may seem, a good deed is always worth doing.” — John Beck

“Excellent word choice. With a number of people working around me in the office, there is a lot of chatter during the day. Not to mention the whir of copiers, FAX machines, and the tapping of keys on computers. When I need to focus on what I am doing, I seem to have the ability to simply tune out everything around me. It works. I don’t know how, but it does.  I work with others who have a very difficult time concentrating when people are having phone conversations near them. And it drives them bonkers. As the oldest of seven growing up, there was always noise in our house: instruments being played, kids running to and fro, tea kettles singing, radios on. I somehow found a way to just tune it out on a regular basis. And I have carried that with me all of my adult life. In terms of dealing with auditory people, I found it helps to first listen to them and make eye contact. And then verbally explain things. My verbal reactions are normally positive and reaffirming. I have found that when they walk away, they are satisfied. The reaction I get is that they did something well. As you mentioned, there are people who just have to hear directions or verbal commands. That is how they respond best. Those people can also be the loudest in the office. They just love talking.” — Joe Moran