FUN-travel: Slow Boat to Singapore – 3rd Port – Apia, Samoa – Day 12

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Friday, February 5th 

7 Apia, Somoa 2016

  • While Fanning Island was relatively flat at only two to three feet at its highest point, as we headed into port this island with its lush mountains jutting up from the ocean reminded me of Hawaii. We hopped on the Free Shuttle to town which dropped us at the locals’ flea market. Oversized coconuts, bananas still attached to their stalks, taros, pineapples (and more exotic fruits and vegetables that I’ve never seen before) were lined up at stalls around the perimeter. Row upon row of more stalls with bright floral fabric sarongs and clothing, strung shells, along with carved jewelry and bowls ran down the center aisles. Single stem tropical flowers filled 5 gallon plastic buckets alongside extravagant wedding and funeral arrangements in another section.

11 Apia, Somoa 2016

  • More like something I would expect to see at some California beach, The Caravan of Love looked totally out of place in Samoa. And as we approached, the mother and daughter team working the counter welcomed us with their big smiles, and just “oozed love.”

2 Apia, Somoa 2016

  • The pristine, freshly painted cathedral in bright white with “It’s a Boy” blue trim, clearly dominated the downtown landscape. As we entered, the strong breeze blowing through the 24 over-sized arched doors along with the cool marble floor provided the air conditioning. At first glance the floor appeared to be inlaid parquet of golden oak, mahogany, ebony, and ash. But because it was so highly glossed I questioned myself and took a longer look. The heavily veined marble did in fact have the appearance of wood depending on how the light struck it. And what goes without saying, a cathedral wouldn’t be a cathedral without stained glass windows.

21 Apia, Somoa 2016

  • Apia was filled with a multitude of flowering tropical bushes and trees. Our 20-minute walk back to the ship took us along a walled crescent shaped 39 Apia, Somoa 2016promenade lined with trees that looked liked Mimosas with vivid mandarin and blood orange blossoms. Steps down from the walkway led to a black sand beach, scattered with volcanic rocks and driftwood.
  • I “swung out” by trying a new cocktail before dinner! Pinkflower is gin, fresh grapefruit juice, lemon sour & Elderflower liqueur. Actually it’s quite refreshing without being too sweet.

FUN-fact – Tonight’s menu in the main dining room featured some of Elvis Presley’s favorite things to eat and the show in the Galaxy Lounge was a tribute to him starring Simon Bowman.