Word Of the Week #527: Persistence

September 10, 2014 by  

Persistence continuing in a course of action without regard to opposition or previous failure.

Have you ever failed at something and continued to try again? Are you willing to do “whatever it takes” to get what you want?

This is more follow up on self-motivation from Daniel Goleman’s book on Emotional Intelligence. He says, “What seems to set apart those at the very top of competitive pursuits from others of roughly equal ability is the degree to which, beginning early in life, they can pursue an arduous practice routine for years and years. And that doggedness depends on emotional traits – enthusiasm and persistence in the face of setbacks – above all else.”aa pers

One of the most successful people I have read about and seen on stage failed for five years before he started having some degrees of success. Now, that’s persistence!

You probably have heard of him too. He moved to Nashville to make it as a country singer. He was rejected by 26 record labels before securing a record deal. His debut album sold only 324 copies. Flat broke; he moved to south Florida and played in the local bars where, at times, nobody even showed up.

In 1974, he had his first hit single. But it wasn’t until 1977 that he became an “overnight” star. Have you figured out who it is? Jimmy Buffet! He continues to be one of the top grossing acts and has a cult following. He has continued his success by creating a clothing company, restaurants, writing children’s books and several other ventures.

This week’s focus is on persistence. The question is, “Would you be persistent for seven years?” When we really want something and know it in our heart, we will do whatever it takes to keep going. Is there anything you want that would make you continue in a course of action without regard to opposition or previous failure?

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