WOW Word-Of-the-Week #508: Authentic

April 30, 2014 by  

Authentic genuine; real.

How did you do last week coming up with three or four characteristics that describe what you offer or aspire to offer? What are your strengths and what you do really well? Do you consistently exhibit your own authentic behavior?

This week’s WOW is the follow up to last week’s from a San Diego UT article titled, “How to build your personal, professional brand.” Personal branding is an elusive topic to most people, yet it is important for career success. Wise professionals with career success know it can mean the difference between landing that dream job and never getting noticed.

“You may think you don’t need a brand, but the reality is that you already have one,” says Jana Fallon, vice president, Executive Development for Prudential Financial. She recommends five specific actions you can take today to improve your brand reputation. This week I will share the next two.

R = Reflect

Reflect on your strengths and liabilities frequently. What is the unique value that you have to offer and what do you aspire to be? Think about your strengthsa authentic and what you do really well. What do you want to be known for in business? What differentiates you? Use those reflections to establish your unique brand. Perhaps you want to be known as a very curious, engaged consultant. Or perhaps your unique brand is one of intelligence, candor and strong ethics.

A = Actions Speak

In order to sustain your brand, you have to act accordingly. Your behaviors and the decisions you make daily impact your brand. Be bold in defining your brand and then have the courage to live up to that brand promise. If you are finding it challenging to start living your brand, find someone that has a style, behavior or an approach that you admire. Emulate what works. Try it yourself and see if it feels right for you. Experiment until you find your own authentic behavior.

This week’s focus is on being authentic. What do you aspire to be? What is the unique value that you have to offer? If you need help who do you know that has a style, behavior or an approach that you admire?

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