FUN-video: A&K Wild Life Safari: Around the World by Private Jet

December 29, 2022 by  

Day 1 – San Diego to Seattle – 3 hrs – 1 night Four Seasons Hotel

This was a trip of a lifetime! We departed San Diego on October 6th and returned October 29th from Boston. We weren’t even sure we were going until September 30th!

Had we known all the hoops we had to jump through (or how tiring it was going to be with all the time zone changes) we probably never would have done it.

Plus it was so close to our Northwest Passage trip and we only had 13 business days to get 3 visas!

It was amazing (greeted & treated like royalty in every country)…

…and magical (seeing all the animals & nature)…

…and SS (Shit Show) depending on the day. The plane broke down not once but twice!

Biggest win was getting to see the Bengal tiger so “up close and personal.”