Word-Of-the-Week #883: Enhance

July 8, 2021 by  

Enhance – to raise to a higher degree. 

How strong are your communication skills, both oral and written? How comfortable are you at making presentations? Could you be a better listener?

This is the follow up to last week’s LA Times article written by Career Coach Joyce E.A. Russell, Communication skills a must–have.”

To recap: “You have to be clear and concise and get to the point quickly or you will lose your audience. When speaking, you have to have a good strong voice and moderate your voice tone to keep listeners’ attention. Practice with friends and listen to their feedback if they tell you that your oral communication skills need work. Have them listen to you on the phone or Skype to let you know how clearly you come across because these are often tools used for hiring.”

The article continues by saying, “Writing skills are also important. Too often, students lack writing skills or are not given help to improve. They get feedback on the content of their papers, but not on the actual writing itself. Very few people get training on how to compose and respond to emails, and it’s clear that the messages are teeming with problems (such as using all caps, ignoring proper grammar and spelling, and lack of professionalism).


If you find out you need to enhance your communication skills, get the help you need right away. Take a course to correct your writing skills and join Toastmaster or Dale Carnegie clubs to improve your speaking. Or try taking an improve class.

If you are already employed, see if your company offers some training in these areas. Ask someone who has strong communication skills to mentor you.

Take a sales or negotiation course – those often will provide great opportunities to practice your persuasion and influence skills. Watch TED talks to get tips for how to make a presentation.

All of us can keep practicing and improving our communication skills – whether it’s writing, presenting, listening or simply conversing with another person

This week’s focus is on how to enhance your skills. Do you edit your writing to make sure you are using proper grammar and spelling before sending? Have you ever joined Toastmasters or Dale Carnegie to improve your speaking? How much time do you spend on continuing education each month?

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