Word-Of-the-Week #878: Optimistic

June 3, 2021 by  

Optimistic – expecting the best outcome and seeing the best in all things.

Are you generally feeling more optimistic about your life? Do you expect the best outcome and see the best in all things?

This week longtime friend and subscriber Joe had this to say about last weeks WOW Savor. He wrote,

“Hope does spring eternal in our lives, and more so this year because we are slowly but surely coming out of our cocoons and sprouting wings.

Being cooped up for so long, we all want to just get out of the house and be around people. Having that human connection, when most of the time we have been texting, tweeting or emailing is something we want and need.

As I have said in previous posts, just sitting in the backyard and reading I take in all the nature around me. The sparrows and robins looking for worms in the yard. The squirrels looking for nuts and apples, the kids playing out in the park just outside of our yard. The dog next door yowling for attention. All of these things are so basic, but yet so evocative at this time of year.

All of it makes us think about how small we are in the face of mother nature. The fact that I can sit and enjoy all of this simply makes my day.

Stepping back to appreciate those simple things has helped time stand still for me. Before the pandemic we always had to be somewhere at a certain time. But since then, time has slowed down and we have been able to take our time with life and those around us.

Now that we can finally get out and about, we can give those hugs because most of us are now inoculated. And pretty soon, we can ditch the masks completely.

While it has taken some time to get back to a sense of normalcy, we have learned to appreciate the little things – and each other – that much more.

Susan, I am savoring every day.”

This week’s focus is on being optimistic! Are you feeling like your life is getting back to normal? Did you know that this particular expression “hope springs eternal” was coined by the poet Alexander Pope in An Essay on Man (1732), “Hope springs eternal in the human breast,” and very quickly became proverbial? It is human nature to keep on hoping against all odds!

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