Word-Of-the-Week #871: Enchantment

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Enchantment a feeling of delight; utter captivation; fascination. 

When was the last time you experienced enchantment? Have you found any inspirations in this new year?

Once again, Steve Straus, author of STEVE’S 3-MINUTE COACHING, sent a very thought provoking piece.

Quote: Enchantment 

(Quotes are capsules of information, reinforcement or enlightenment.)

“Whoever remains unmoved,
whoever cannot contemplate or know
the deep shudder of the soul to enchantment,
might as well be dead,
for he has already closed his eyes
upon life.”

                                                                        – Albert Einstein

Coaching Point: Really? The logical, linear, brilliant thinker, Einstein, talking about Soul, about Enchantment?

Those who are stuck in their heads can only contemplate thoughts. Thoughts are good, but limited. So be a good thinker; exercise your ability to figure things out; find bedrock facts and build from them. But to stay there confines you to the finite, for local mind is finite. It is, ultimately, a box, a prison of your reality. Fortunately, there is more to life than thinking.

When was the last time you experienced enchantment? Felt the “shudder of the soul” as he put it? That experience does not come from within your mind, the repository of your thoughts.

It comes from the rest of what you are – the non-linear moments, the intuitive, the creative, the inspired. If you are open to them and create opportunities for them, they will show up.

Einstein did. He said most of his seemingly linear, logical findings were the result, not of more chalkboard calculating, but of inspiration. Pure and simple ah-ha’s. And he said he spent lots of time in the field of enchantment to foster their emergence.

What are you doing to experience “the deep shudder of the soul to enchantment”?

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This week’s focus is on enchantment. When was the last time you had a feeling of delight? Is there anything that fascinates you or that you find utterly captivating?

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