Word-Of-the-Week #836: Projects

August 13, 2020 by  

Projects plans to accomplish something which may require concerted effort. 

Have many of your family or friends have started projects during this pandemic? Do you have any projects that you want to start? Have any of them felt too daunting to take on by yourself?

This week’s WOW was inspired by Katrina who is a former foster kid. I have been her mentor over the past five years, and she is currently in her final year of getting her master’s degree in biology.

We have connected with phone calls and texts during the last several months. She and her fiancé bought a house late last year that they knew would need some remodeling in the future. Their plan was to get married this past May and when that didn’t happen, they decided to use their “lockdown” time to work on some projects around the house.

Well I must tell you how impressed I am with the project they both took on together. A total bathroom remodel! Seriously!

Katrina said, “You can find out how to do anything on YouTube. So, we started with learning all about plumbing. Then on to laying tile, etc.” She said, “We almost broke up over the molding in the shower!”

I am so proud of their accomplishments and told Katrina, “Remodeling is a huge cause of divorces. If you can make it through a pandemic lock down and taking on this huge project and are still together, I’d say you have a “rock solid” relationship.”

And on another note, I started making jewelry many years back. Just beaded bracelets that turned into necklaces. When my dear friend Elaine wanted me to make her earrings, I told her I would find someone who could do that. Her reply was, “It’s easy. Just go on YouTube.” So, I did and the rest is history!

And just for the record, I have done daunting projects that turned out great but would never do again! Like laying 1000 sq ft of floor tile. About killed my back and knees (even in those days when I was much, much younger.)

This week’s focus is on projects. What projects would you like to accomplish? How comfortable would it be for you to tackle any of those projects on your own?

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