Word-Of-the-Week #796: Nothingness

November 7, 2019 by  

Nothingnessthat pleasant experience of enjoying time going by, letting your thoughts take over.

How comfortable are you spending time doing nothing? How often have you just sat in silence watching and listening to what was going on around you?

This week longtime friend and comrade Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor, shares his perspective on spending time in Italy.

“The Italians have a philosophy of “dolce far niente” (dolce = sweet || far(e) = do || niente = nothing), literally: the sweet essence of doing nothing and enjoying it.  

Nothingness is that pleasant experience of enjoying time going by, letting your thoughts take over. It’s very much in the mentality of Italians. They are lucky enough to have the natural beauty of amazing landscapes, from the coasts and sea sides to the highest mountains along with a profound sense of history.

Dolce far niente is at its best where all that matters is living the moment. No stress, no pressure, nothing matters; just live in the moment, a ‘doing nothing’ moment.

Italians work hard, but they live to celebrate with good wine and a plate of pasta, no matter whether it is a normal everyday lunch or the most important holiday in the country. Dolce far niente is a way of thinking always fixed to the moment, in which you can finally ‘do nothing’ and enjoy it.

It’s the sensation when you sit at a bar in an Italian village while you drink coffee and watch the passersby. Time slows and for half a second you admire life in its simplicity, and you only want to smile.

Spending time in Italy always reminds me of the importance of slowing down to the speed of life and just enjoying the moment. I recommend it highly.

Have the courage to Do the Work! … even when that work is the bliss of doing nothing at all!” 

This week’s focus is on nothingness. When was the last time you did absolutely nothing? Did it make you smile? How often do you allow yourself to just “be in the moment?”

The picture above was taken on Halloween in San Miguel de Allende where we sat in the main square and did nothing but watch all the kids and the parent’s trick or treat and I must admit it made me smile and giggle 😊 and the one below had the exact same effect!

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