FUN-Travel: Northern Serengeti, Tanzania – Great Migration – Day 2

July 30, 2019 by  

  • Repeat Yesterday…with added morning safari looking for other animals…

…see family of 14 elephants with 2 babies…pair of lions…and the usual suspects.

Then we hit the jackpot!

  • Crossing #7 has 3 different lines of wildebeests…

…all jumping in at the same time…and lasts over 45 minutes!

  • Sadly they don’t all make it…croc gets weak baby swimmer…

…adult breaks leg…swept downstream in fast moving current.

  • Happy Hour…spectacular sunset around campfire!

FUN-factIncredibly Insane! Throngs of 1000’s of Wildebeest’s amass on the banks of the river and wait until one courageous wildebeest makes the first move—the first jump. Then they pour into the rivers like ants, leaping, bleating, calling—a crescendo of adrenaline and instinct.

One interesting study likened the wildebeest crossings to a type of ‘swarm intelligence’. From the outside, the crossings seem to be frenzied and uncalculated—almost like mass suicide—but the animals are, in fact, systematically exploring and overcoming the obstacle as one single unit—or swarm.


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