FUN-travel: Slow Boat to Singapore – 15th Port – Bali, Indonesia – Day 36

March 7, 2016 by  

Tuesday, March 1stBali, Indonesia 2016 112

1st stop – Silver Factory – It must be against the law for a tour guide to “not take you to at least one rip off store!”

  • And today we actually hit 3 of them! Shopping in Bali is not the same as it was when I was here 25 years ago. Success has gone to their heads and the prices they are charging….totally obscene!

4th stop – Ubud – considered to be the cultural centre of Bali, is famous as an arts and crafts hub. Here you can find first class art galleries and stores….and with prices to match. Ouch! I wandered into a fabulous fabric store with hand painted silk scarves that were pure heaven. And unfortunately had to walk out empty handed. Too rich for my blood…and wallet!

  • Puri Saren Agung translates to Water Palace and this little gem of a temple sits back from one of the main streets.

Bali, Indonesia 2016 163

5th stop – the Ubud Monkey Forest – a sacred rain forest featured in the book Eat, Pray, Love – this huge protected area in the middle of town is home to hundreds of monkeys all either roaming, running or swinging from the trees.

Bali, Indonesia 2016 126

  • “Whoa Dude! Could I possibly be that cute?”
  • Today the floors are being scrubbed and incense fills the air as the temples are readied for this evening’s festivities.

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FUN-cocktail – Vanilla Sidecar – Courvoisier V.S.O.P Cognac, Galliano, Grand Marnier Rouge, with freshly squeezed lemon sour.

FUN-fact – The Oscars are still running nonstop on channel 73!


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