FUN-travel: Slow Boat to Singapore – 10th Port – Brisbane, Australia – Day 25

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Friday, February 19th 

(Sung to The Sound of Music)

  • “The trees are alive…with the sound of

3 Brisbane, Australia 2016

…squeaky squawky lorikeets”

…and they were flitting from tree to tree in the Botanical Gardens!

  • One of many lovely parks in the city, and the largest, is filled with a plethora of lush tropical plants and trees many with an abundance of blooms in lavender, rose, fuchsia, and blood red.

11 Brisbane, Australia 2016

  • Coming in as the third largest city, Brisbane has the same cosmopolitan feel of Sydney, just on a smaller scale. Instead of a waterfront it has a riverfront that boasts Australia’s only inner city beach. And adjacent to it is The Queensland Cultural Center, a huge performing arts complex that includes the Art Gallery, Concert Hall, Lyric Theatre, and Queensland Museum. And like Sydney, the pedestrian only Queens Street Mall in the city center, encompassed several blocks and was electric at lunch time with all the hustle and bustle.

8 Brisbane, Australia 2016

Wait a minute…

Where am I?…

What day is this?….

24 Brisbane, Australia 2016

  • Imagine Marvin’s horror after being found on a downtown bench after a hard night of binge drinking in Brisbane!

FUN-cocktail – Naked Lemon – Malibu rum, Bacardi rum and Lemoncello with a splash of OJ.

Not so FUN-fact – Cyclone Winston turned into a Category 5 storm and hit Fiji today. But good for us since we were there two weeks ago.

16 Brisbane, Australia 2016

Brisasia Festival


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