FUN-travel: Slow Boat to Singapore – 9th Port – Sydney, Australia – Day 22

February 21, 2016 by  

Tuesday, February 16th 

  • Paris has its Eiffel Tower…

…New York has its Statue of Liberty…

…and Sydney has its billowing Opera House that dominates the downtown harbor.

55 Sydney, Australia 2016

  • And just like them, she was a runner up vying for one of the New 7 Wonders of the World.
  • Unfortunately for us, Princess got the good (and only) downtown dock. So we had to anchor, and tender in on the local FantaSea ferry. We were dropped directly at the end of The Rocks, under the iconic Sydney Bridge. The water front was alive with activity and we were greeted with a symphony of sounds. The clickety-clack of the overhead trains, the motor boats buzzing around the bay, the helicopters and the seaplanes soaring above us.

29 Sydney, Australia 2016

  • It felt good to be a part of the hustle and bustle of a big city for a change of pace. And today we just meandered through the streets enjoying the eclectic mix of old and new architecture.

FUN-fact – The Sydney Opera House was completed in 1973 after 14 years of contentious construction, is covered with over a million ceramic tiles, and features five performance halls.

More FF – The last time we were in Sydney was in 2005, where we spent New Year’s Eve in a boat, in the parade of lights, with the most fantastic fireworks shooting off the Sydney Bridge.

32 Sydney, Australia 2016


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