FUN-travel: Slow Boat to Singapore – 7th Port – Maré Island, New Caledonia – Day 18

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Friday, February 12th 

  • A beach is a beach is a beach…

6 Mare Island, New Caledonia 2016

….the sand comes in different colors and coarseness

….and the water pretty much covers the full spectrum of blues and greens.

30 Mare Island, New Caledonia 2016

  • Today’s adventure took us from the tender, to a small craft market along the dock, to the free shuttles. And this island had more of the same lush landscape of coconut palms and huge canopied trees contrasted by towering pines. After a 20-minute drive they dropped us at Yejele Beach where we plopped ourselves down.
  • Today’s beach was so pebbly and sharp it made water shoes a must. The strong almost rip tide current made it impossible to venture too far out. But lucky for us clusters of coral reefs ran the length of the shoreline at a depth of only three feet. The fish were plentiful and easy to spot in the crystal clear water. They varied in size and color from teeny electric blue, to lime green with black stripes, to mid-size pale peach, and soft gray with yellow.
28 Mare Island, New Caledonia 2016

Our Waterfront Bar & Grill

FUN-fact – Maré at 42 miles long and 20 miles at its widest, is the most southerly of the Loyalty Islands.

8 Susan's B-Day, New Caledonia 2016

  • And today I celebrated my 4th “Surprise Birthday Party at Sea” with four lovely couples! And not one of them was born in the US – all from the UK and one from Prussia.

FUN-family fact – My niece Kellie’s birthday is the 11th and because I am a now a day ahead, we are both celebrating on the same day!

10 Susan's B-Day, New Caledonia 2016


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