Word Of the Week #559: Addiction

April 23, 2015 by  

Addiction: devotion, strong inclination, or frequent indulgence.

What was your first thought when you saw this word? Would you agree that some words automatically have a negative connotation? Could it be possible to have a positive addiction?

Many words have multiple meanings. Take the word committed for example! In the movie “What The bleep Is Going On?” they say that love is a form of addiction. Now I ask you, is that a bad thing?

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Well, it could be if the person you love is harmful to you. And by that I mean if they are abusive, demeaning, belittling, etc. But what if you love someone that actually motivates you to be a better person? Someone who holds themselves in high esteem and as a result of that, holds you in high esteem, and treats you with respect, kindness, adoration, etc. Is that kind of addiction a bad thing?

This word popped into my mind after my last massage with Sandra. I had just written my Habit WOW. She calls me a “touch junkie” and I thought to myself, “Getting my Sandra massage is a habit that I think is a good thing.” And probably close to an addiction since it is a “frequent indulgence.” It is something that makes me feel really good, and since I’m a “touch junkie” I would love to have more frequency!

This week focus on those things in your life that you have an enthusiastic devotion for and love to frequently indulge in. Are they harmful to you or helpful to you? What positive addictions would you like to have?

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