Word Of the Week #556: Alternative

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Alternative being one of a number of possible choices or courses of action.

Do you have any big dreams that you have not achieved? Do you think it’s too late to even try? Would you start medical school at the age of 35? How about if you were six months pregnant and unwed?

Well, Susan O’Malley, the author of “Tough Cookies Don’t Crumble: Turn Setbacks in Success” did just that. She says, “If you are bound and determined to reach your goal, you have to roll up your sleeves and do whatever it takes.” Today she is the owner and medical director of Sonas Med Spa in Madison, CT.” Here are four tips exerted from her book.

  • If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. But what if you don’t fit into that mold? Some of us will find our calling in our passion and it will be crystal clear right from the start. Others will find it in their pain.
  • Success doesn’t come from a quick fix, it comes from hard work. It’s important to have a positive mindset and it helps to have a dream, but it takes work to make your dream come true.

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  • The first step to making a positive change in your life is committing to honor your decision. Often we will honor commitments made to others better than we honor commitments made to ourselves. You need to commit to yourself that you will make whatever change you want to make and then honor it.
  • If you want to be successful, you have to play to win. You can sit in the stands and watch, you can stand along the sidelines and give your opinion, you can wander aimlessly on the field hoping for the participation trophy, or you can put on a helmet and get in the game. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish your goal?

I have always said, “If it was easy to be successful, then everyone would be successful.”

This week’s focus is on the alternative. Is there more than one way you can go about achieving your big dream? What course of action could you take to start? Are you will to work hard and do whatever is necessary to achieve your dream?

Excerpts from Henry DeVries UT article titled, “Alternative pathways to a medical career.”

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