Word Of the Week #551: Relaxation

March 3, 2015 by  

Relaxation what you need to have to reduce stress.

Did you think about how much stress you have after reading last week’s WOW? Do you take time for relaxation? Do you even know how to relax? When you go on vacation how long does it take you to fully unwind? You are taking vacations and time out from work, right?

This week I am rerunning a WOW from 5 years ago because it’s a great follow up to last week’s Unplug. Time Magazine featured an article titled, “Six Ways to Handle Stress.” First, “There’s more than one way to relieve stress.” This week I will share the first three.

  1. Breathe Deeply. Regular, slow breathing – a common characteristic of meditation and prayer – alerts your brain that you are in a safe place far away from predators. It also relaxes your heart, decreases blood pressure, and removes waste from the bloodstream.

Totally Unplugged & Relaxed

This is something I do all the time. It‘s guaranteed to calm me down if I am feeling stressed out.

  1. Take a Vacation. A change of scenery clears the head, recharges the batteries and, according to a recent study sponsored by Air New Zealand, improves reaction time 82% – provided that you ignore your e-mail and allow a couple of weeks to disengage and unwind.

My response to that is, “Checking my email and updating my blog is actually more relaxing to me than putting it off. But I designate only one time a day for that.” How about you?

  1. Make Friends. Social isolation increases the physiological damage caused by stress. A 2006 survey found that Americans have only two close friends with whom they can confide their deepest concerns – down from three friends 20 years ago.

The good news is, this week I am unplugged and on vacation with my best friend! We are in Mexico to see where the whales migrate to have their babies. We are great travel buddies as we have the same interests and energy level. (You can check out our pix at FUN-photos.)

This week’s focus is on relaxation. Are you able to fully relax or do you feel guilty? Do you take time to breathe deeply? Sometimes just getting up and taking a short walk helps reduce stress. Have you had a vacation of at least one week in the last year? Do you have friends with whom you can confide in?

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