WOW Word-Of-the-Week #447: Dream

February 27, 2013 by  

Dreaman achievement that is longed for; an aspiration.

What achievements have you longed for? Is there anything that you aspire to do or be? When you have shared your dreams with others did they support and encourage you?

I had several responses to last week’s WOW on possibilities. And two of them referred to the word dream so I felt it would be perfect to make it this week’s WOW.

Kim responded by writing this, “Re: possibilities. Along with dreaming and taking joy in the possibility of it coming true – I think another major aspect are the doors of opportunity that are opened when one starts to dream, and the joy and adventure of stepping through them. Not all doors lead to the final goal, and usually don’t, but the dismissive people tend to never even see the doors. You don’t have to know how you will get there, but you have to have the insight to step through opportunities to the next. Life isn’t a destination, it is a journey. I like that saying and it reminds me to be joyful in my journey!!”

a dream

And Bob wrote this, I’ve always been inspired by what Walt Disney said.  “If you can dream it, you can do it!” And my Science of Mind training let’s me see my life and the world as the “infinite field of possibilities.”

I really loved both of these responses and know that the doors will open as long as you are ready for them to. I love talking to people in my travels and telling them what my aspirations are for the future.  And I have gotten great ideas to make my travels easier and more enjoyable because like Kim said, “I want to be joyful in my journey.”

This week’s focus is on your dreams. When was the last time you thought about your aspirations? What do you need to help you achieve your dreams? Do you believe that if you can dream it, you can do it?

Reader Responses

“I do believe that if you dream it, you can achieve it. We need to pay better attention to our dreams, because it says something about the mind that allows us to dream or think or envision something in the future. I also agree that we have to go through certain “doors” in our lives in order to get where we want to eventually. It reminds me of something that James Taylor talked about in his “One Man Band” dvd about his trip to London after the breakup of the group The Flying Machine. He had recorded a demo tape, which wound up in the hands of producer Peter Asher. He brought it to George Harrison. When The Beatles heard the demo they signed up James Taylor as the first artist of Apple Records. “I met The Beatles and it was like a door opened to the rest of my life. A lot of times when a door opens, hell is on the other side,” said Taylor. So, we never know what is on the other side of that door, but it comes down to taking advantage of the opportunities presented, and then seeing what comes after that. As long as we keep our eyes on the prize, we will be ok. But many times we can get frustrated in the search for our dreams and be tempted to give up. But it is always darkest at dawn. We never know what tomorrow will bring. So, if we can keep the faith, our dreams – in one form or another – will come true. Believing can be difficult when we can’t see the forest for the trees. I mentioned earlier about our minds and how they can affect how we see the world and our dreams. We need to make better use of our minds so that we can make our dreams come true. We use such a limited portion of our brains and rely instead on computers. Let’s use our brains to the fullest. And more dreams might come true.” – “Warrior” Joe