FUN-travel: St. Tropez to Monte Carlo, France – Day 5 – Seabourn Cruise

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Trip Day 22 – Cruise Day 5 – Tuesday, July 31 – Monte Carlo, France


Monaco Palace

  • nice long wake-up with more really hot cappuccino
  • 11 am stroll off ship to see the Palace – high on the top of the hill
  • get there in time to see the changing of the guard @11:55
  • buildings are stacked on steep hills overlooking the city
  • walk through town to see the Casino & Opera house surrounded by lush terraced gardens
  • more really, really masssive boats
  • find internet bar – YEAH! – 2 hrs of “free internet” costs me 20 Euros – (3 beers & 1 glass of wine)
  • wonderful dinner in Restaurant 2 – reservation only – consists of 8 item tasting menu + 3 dessert samplings
  • our waiter from France is hysterically funny – says “French people work an average of 35 hrs. I’m not sure if that’s a week or a month.” He even knows who Brigitte Bardot & Inspector Clouseau are.


  • really expensive here
  • a coke costs 5 Euro – OUCH!
  • having to pay for internet on ship – very slow & expensive – 2 hrs for $20

Changing of the Guard

FF (FUN-fact) – The lady running Stars & Bars internet cafe is from Texas. She said she loves Monaco and the only other place she would live is San Diego.

The Casino


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