WOW Word-Of-the-Week #388: Rigid

January 11, 2012 by  

Rigid – incapable of compromise or flexibility.

Do you think you are more flexible or rigid? Are you willing to compromise? Do you get upset when things don’t happen the way you planned? If so, how long do you stay upset?

Last week I watched the movie “Buck” and if you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend you do. He was the original horse whisperer and his story is incredibly interesting. Despite having a mother who died at an early age and a very abusive father, he turned out to be a most gentle and kind man. His ability to relate to horses and change their behavior in a very short amount of time is truly amazing.

There were two great lines that I took from the movie. The first came from is foster mother who said, “You have to be flexible, otherwise, you could get bent out of shape.”  And how true is that! The second one was from Buck. When asked about his childhood and dealing with it he said, “It is impossible to be in two places at the same time.” That made me come up with a new saying, “You have to get your head out of your past.”

Are you rigid when it comes to forgiving people? Do you hold onto resentment and bitterness for months or even years? What purpose does it serve you?

I have learned that if I am flexible I have less disappointment. I can’t be attached to the “perfect outcome.” There are some things that I am very rigid about. When it comes to my integrity and honesty, there is no compromise on that!

This week’s focus is on how being rigid affects you. Where in your life could you be more flexible? How would it feel to compromise? Do you feel you are an “easy target” because you’re too flexible or compromise a lot of the time?  How would it feel to be a bit more rigid in that area?

Reader Responses

“By happenstance, I watched Buck yesterday…such an amazing movie!  Thanks for thinking to write about him in your Fun-damentals – I’m still enjoying them!” – Amy

“I read your WOWs every week and thoroughly enjoy them.  This one in particular hit home with me and brought so many scenarios to mind with my kids and brother.  I really think they will benefit from this if they will just take a minute to absorb the true meaning behind those quotes.  (not to mention that I WILL be better for absorbing it too!)Thank you so much for bringing FUN and a higher meaning into my life each week! I hope you have a Happy FUN New Year!!” – Mary

“How appropriate in this political climate. There is so much rigidity in the House of Representatives that it almost sank the U.S. economy. We have all heard that politics is the art of compromise, but the freshmen in the U.S. House have been rigid to the extreme when it has come to the extension of unemployment benefits, payroll tax breaks for 160 million working Americans and the extension of the country’s debt ceiling. Their rigidity has made it impossible for the Speaker of the House to come to any kind of agreements with the President. He can’t get them to budge. As you noted, it is important not to compromise on honesty and integrity, but with everything else, there has to be some give and take. That is life. If not, then nothing will get done. The next elections in November will go a long way toward changing things in the House, I’m sure. During my life I have been known to listen to common sense and work with others. I have not only been flexible, but open to ideas that are not my own. I am not so rigid that I will let it get in the way of accomplishing goals. After all, everyone is negotiable in the immortal words of Muhammad Ali. Let’s all get along. Great word, Susan. Have a wonderful week. Take care.” – . “Warrior” Joe