FUN-travel Ireland: Galway Day 1 & 2

September 30, 2011 by  

Day 10 – Thursday, September 22 – Arrive Galway 3:00 – windy, cloudy, cool, sprinkles

Spanish Arch

FF (FUN-fact) – Today is Arthur Guinness Day and you get a free pint if you are in the pub by 17:59 (the year it was founded) Great gimmick, huh?

  • Arrive Lonergon’s Pub 17:50 – no free Guinness as promised by ads – but they did last year!
  • Chris asks the bartender about the Oyster Festival & which day is the best – she points to a man and says, “He’s the one to ask.” – we meet Michael, Ann & Michelle who tell us Saturday & phone for tickets & they buy us a pint! Turns out we get 10% discount because of him & we do get a free Guinness!

WRTC2BSL – What are the chances to be so lucky!

  • FUN-food – De Roberta’s Italian – caprese salad, pasta w/eggplant, porcinis & cream sauce, the works pizza – YUMMY!

Day 11 – Friday, September 23 – Galway – windy, cloudy, sprinkles (feels warmer or just getting used to it)

N. Ireland Friendship Band

  • 1st stop – go to body shop to drop car – realize side mirror casing got broken yesterday when got to close to left side of road (imagine that!)
  • 2nd stop – after short walk arrive city center
  • 3rd stop – shoe shopping (my 12 yr old Ecco’s have died) find a FUN pair to replace them
  • 4th stop – car looks great – only 20 euro! side mirror part not fixed as it takes 3 days to order
  • 5th stop – find free parking (requires 5 minute walk back to city center)
  • 6th stop – pub – after more walking around town
  • FUN-food – Nimmo’s at Spanish Arch (suggested by Dan @ Hugo’s in Dublin) – mussels w/ cilantro & chorizo – salad of soft red wine pears, toasty walnuts, crispy smoked lardon (bacon fat chunks) & Crozier Blue Cheese – hake on roasted Irish beets, wilted greens & herby creme fraiche – “Sticks” a shiraz/viognier blend VG! – even have fruit tart dessert in honor of my dad’s 93rd birthday today