January Movies & Oscar Buzz

January 12, 2011 by  

Rabbit Hole – the Academy seems to love depressing, sad movies since they continually get nominated year after year – and this movie is clearly another one of those – SHE said, “It was very deep and emotionally raw, the main point of the film is about grieving and how everyone does that differently. HE said, “Eckhart and Kidman were both very good – didn’t need to see 2 hours of grieving (enough already).” SHE said, “thumbs up” HE said, “thumbs down”

Blue Valentine – this film is about the very beginning and the very end of a relationship – there is no middle – and felt with all the media hype about the movie I found it to be the same depressing stuff, different theme.  SHE said, “Gosling and Williams are great actors, no question, but I am done with going to depressing movies. Several years ago my girlfriend Susan and I needed to see 3 movies that were up for Oscar’s so we went to the theatre where they were all playing and hopped from theatre to theatre to watch them. 30 minutes of each is all we needed to get a gist of the acting and not have to sit through more depressing stuff. I am going back to that!” HE said, “Ditto on the depressing and I found it hard to follow.” – “2 thumbs down”

Casino Jack – the reviewers said this would make a lot of people angry since it the events were too fresh in our minds. SHE said, “Spacey is truly great and I found it so disgusting to watch politicians’ flaunt their power and greed.” HE said, “Kevin Spacey was great. I found the movie too “slapstick,” didn’t present the events with enough seriousness. The rest of the actors were miss cast in their roles.” SHE said, “thumbs up” – HE said, “thumbs sideways”.