WOW Word-Of-the-Week #334: Eclectic

December 27, 2010 by  

Eclectic – selecting what seems best from various styles, doctrines, ideas, methods, etc.

Can you think of the last time you experienced an eclectic environment? Do you know anyone that you would call eclectic? Have you ever confused the word with eccentric?

Last year my brother referred to my husband Chris as being eccentric. I remember thinking that what he probably meant to say is he is eclectic. He definitely doesn’t exhibit bizarre behavior. He is very open-minded and receptive to different ways of doing things.  He’s even a very good sport when he gets “put on the spot.”

Eclectic Chris at Church

On our last trip to Africa, Stephen, our travel agent, insisted that we go to Johannesburg. I really did not want to based on feedback from other people who had been there. What a wonderful surprise it turned out to be!

On our Sunday morning tour of Pretoria, our guide Kuliso took us downtown. Just by chance he headed to his old church. It was on the 2nd floor of a building and we could hear them singing for 2 blocks.  We walked in to an overflow crowd of 1000 people and a stage filled with Zulu Warrior Dancers performing.  They were celebrating Heritage Day that week in South Africa and it could only happen once a year. They made room for us up front so we could film.

One of the girls tagged Chris by putting her headband on his head. Then they pulled him out of the audience to come on stage. Chris had them rolling in their seats as we were the only 2 white people there. It was way cool and so unexpected! Check out my eclectic Chris “getting religion” with the Zulu Warrior Dancers.

Then ironically in this Sundays LA Times, the cover story in the Calendar section reads, “HIS INDIE STREAK, Ryan Gosling’s Instinct for the Eclectic Comes Naturally.”  We could say the same about Chris? LOL

This week’s focus is on being eclectic. Are you open minded? Are you able to select what seems best from various styles, doctrines, ideas, methods, etc?

Reader Responses

“Susan, that’s delightful!!!  Thanks for sharing. . . .Wishing you a fabulous 2011.” – Donna

“Oohh I want to be more “eclectic”.  I dont know what your brother was talking about unless I dont know Chris” – Sandra

“Thanks Sooz! I loved seeing your videos. Chris did a great job! Happy New Year to both of you! Hugs” – Katie

“Whenever I have heard the word eclectic the first thing that came to mind was taste. As in, someone has eclectic tastes. Knowing me, I would probably pick something traditional from the batch. That’s just me. As much as I have an open mind about many things, I will usually go with something that is tried and true for me. Now, if I am traveling and am presented with eclectic choices, I would probably go for something that is different. It depends on the mood I am in at the time. I have not confused eclectic and eccentric. While I have known eccentric people in my life, I never confused them with being eclectic. Heck, I have been accused of being eccentric at times. But eclectic and eccentric offer all of us something off the beaten path. Opting for such can help us learn and grow. And that is what life is all about. Your trip to Johannesburg sounded incredible. Great decision. Happy New Year to you and yours, Susan. I look forward to continue communicating in this exciting new year. Take care.” – “Warrior” Joe