WOW Word-Of-the-Week #326: Compassion

November 15, 2010 by  

Compassion – deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it.

Were you glued to your TV set when they where rescuing the miners in Chile?

The LA Times featured an article written by Chris Kraul titled, “Chile’s heart shines through.” In it he writes, “In rescuing ‘Los33,’ Chile pulled off an impressive and complex feat and took pains to demonstrate to the world that it would spare no expense in safeguarding its mines.”

“But the image of Chile I take home with me has more to do with compassion than competence. In Camp Hope, I heard no blame games or overt acrimony toward the government or the mining company. Instead, there was a display of unity, heart and team spirit as I have rarely seen. Maybe it’s the harsh Atacama desert surroundings that make people pull together. Or maybe it’s the fact that mining, which employs thousands in the region, is an activity that can’t be done alone.”

“Directly and indirectly, many contributed to help save the miners and take care of their families. Half a dozen Chilean and international mining companies donated the use of the machinery that dug the shafts to reach Lost 33. A food service company, supermarket chain and soft-drink bottler gave tons of food and drinks. Two fishermen’s cooperatives donated truckloads of fish every week to keep hundreds of family members, government officials and media types fed throughout the process. And a dozen volunteers, some who took leave from their jobs, cooked the food that was donated.”

This week focus on being compassionate. Who needs your help? Do you pitch in or find a solution when a “disaster in your life happens”? How can you create an environment of unity, heart and team spirit when you’re faced with tough times?

Reader Responses

“I remember watching how effective Bill Clinton was during the 1992 presidential campaign debates when he walked away from his podium to a questioner to say, “I feel your pain.” No candidate was ever better at empathy than Clinton. He rode it to two terms as President of the US. As for the Chilean miners, the government and company that owned the mine spared no effort or cost to help those miners. A few years ago, a mining accident in this country took place and a number of miners were trapped and eventually died underneath the ground. There was not the same effort extended as was in the case in Chile. What that country did was impressive. It should be a great example for all of us. Thank you, Susan. We had a fun trick or treat with our girls. Take care.” – “Warrior” Joe

“I think it is there devoutly religious lives that pulled them together without initial acrimony, that’s the Chilean heart. I understand a bit of that is unraveling now, understandably. Anyway, that’s my feedback. Hope all’s good!” – Susan