WOW Word-Of-the-Week #275: Quality

November 1, 2009 by  

Quality – superiority; degree of excellence.

When you think of quality, what comes to mind? Do you think of some things having more quality than others? Do you think this word has become over used?

In my programs I talk about value and how I perceive it as having four components. You have to have a quality product, delivered with quality service, in a quality atmosphere. How much it costs determines the value.

When I spend my money, I want the best product, and I want it delivered with excellent service, in a friendly, inviting atmosphere. And the more it costs the pickier I get! What do you want? What do you expect?

Quality Play Time

Quality Play Time

“Quality time is considered essential to the success of a long-term relationship.” — Paula Hall

I believe you need “quality play time” in your relationships. I hear people continually say that you have to work at relationships, and I disagree. When you play in your relationships it’s impossible to be bitter, angry, or stay mad at someone for any length of time.

I’m not saying there should never be serious discussions. I’m saying that the people we have fun and play with are the relationships that we will want to foster and maintain.

This week focus on quality. Quality in your work – do you strive for excellence at all times? Quality in your relationships – do you have “play time” with your friends and loved ones?

Reader Responses

“I totally agree!  For too many years of our marriage, my husband and I had the philosophy of working to keep each other and ourselves happy (and out of trouble with the other). The last several years, not sure if it is because we wore ourselves out or just finally figured it out, we are playing more and having more fun!  The stupid little inside jokes, quotes from movies, etc. are our way of connecting and making the other laugh just on the spur of the moment.  I am the one who is much more emotional but I have found I am not mad at him nearly as often for stupid things! Your insight and sharing of wisdom really does mean so much to me.  I share your emails with others so that they too can have FUN! Have a great week and THANK YOU SO MUCH!” Mary Seyer

“In reading this one, I got nothing but positive vibes. And, I found it very stimulating. We’re not from the same tree, but apples from this article fell close to the treetrunk! good show, pc”

“I have heard people use the term “quality time” quite a bit when referring to the amount of time they spend with their kids. It is often used defensively when they know they haven’t spent a lot of time with their children. Their response is, “I spend quality time with my kids. It is not the quantity, it is the quality.” But when it comes to family, it is the quantity time. Because kids want us their as much as possible, not when it is convenient for us based on our availability. So, in that sense, quality time can become an overused cliche. As for quality products, I will spend more for a brand name product based on its quality. I don’t like to cut corners on anything, so when it comes to buying something I will not penny-pinch, because that brings up another cliche: “penny-wise and dollar-foolish.” I have always believed in buying something that is going to last instead of something cheap. When something cheap breaks, we wind up having to buy another items. As a result, we wind up having spent more money than we wanted to in the first place. As for my own work, a teacher reminded me years ago to “autograph my work with excellence.” I always try to keep that in mind with whatever I do. That is something I try to teach to my daughters as well.”  Thanks, Susan. Great word. Take care. “Warrior” Joe Moran.