Word Of the Week #42: Yearning

April 21, 2009 by  

Yearning: feeling tenderness, compassion, or love. A strong desire.

Isn’t this a funny word and one you don’t hear too often? You can yearn for something or someone.

A quote from Claire Raines book titled, “Beyond Generation X” reads, “Many twentysomethings did not grow up in supportive, tight-knit families. Many yearn to find a ‘family’ on the job.–‘family’ in the best sense of the word: a group of individuals who support and encourage each other and who value each others’ unique contributions.

Lisa & John

Lisa & John

I attended a charity event and ran into my friend Lisa. She has been with her husband John for more than 15 years. They work together every day. They share a rather large business and when they are not working they are traveling together. When I didn’t see John at the event I asked her where he was and she said, “He’s at a car show in LA this weekend. I thought it would be good for him to go with some of his friends and I would do some things with my friends. This way we will have a yearning for each other.”

I think short periods of separation are a good thing for that very reason. So we can yearn! When we do the same thing day in and day out, we tend to get into a habit or pattern, and we start to take people and situations for granted. Taking anything for granted is not a good thing!

I have a favorite cartoon that reads, “The only difference between a rut and a grave is the dimensions.” When we take things for granted it can create boredom and that is how ruts begin!

This week focus on your life, both personal and professional, and see if you are starting to develop ruts. Is there something that you would like to have a yearning for? If so, what can you do differently to break up the monotony?

Reader Responses

“Excellent word topic today. I think it is easy to fall into that trap, especially with a child. We have a schedule every day with our little girl, and what we do when we get home, when we pick up, chores. I have to tell you that I just look forward to sleeping in on weekends. I have my own little getaway on Saturday and Sunday. What I do is take the morning newspaper to a local gas station, about a mile from where we live. I know the guy behind the counter, and he gives me my coffee and refills for free. His name is Ed. We shoot the breeze about what is going on in the world, and it is a nice little break from Kristen and our three-year-old Erin Grace. On Friday, Kristen’s maid of honor is coming in from Michigan for the weekend. They have their own little shopping getaway while she is here. That is a nice outlet for them, and I can spend some time with Erin. We have so many things planned for each weekend in the summer, however, that our free weekends are very limited. I told Kristen that we need some more of that free time where NOTHING is planned so that we can relax with each other. There are only a few of those weekends left this summer, so hopefully we can just not plan anything. So, I yearn for that weekend time where there is NOTHING going on and we don’t have to be anywhere. That is how we do it when we visit my folks in Florida. We get up when we want and come and go when we want. That is truly a vacation. Thanks for the reminder, Susan. A great word for this week. Yearning.” — Joe Moran

“Very nice…My wife is a server at a restaurant and had missed a couple of Sundays due to our vacation. I was listening to her as she spoke to her replacement (server) on the phone giving her specific instructions on how to serve her regular customers whom she would miss for three weeks. I thought of you and your background in both the restaurant business and customer service. She is indeed a great server and wife (21 years and counting).” — Charles Rich