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Are First Impressions Really Lasting Impressions?

Park San Martin

Park San Martin

  • Good News – Only 90 minutes to Buenos Aires & no Reciprocity Fee!
  • Good News – Marriott Plaza Hotel, charming, 99 yrs old, get upgrade room, 12′ ceilings, arched bay window, overlooking park San Martin

Day 9 – Thursday, February 5, 2009 – cloudy, warm, not humid

  • Good News – Buenos Aires described as “Paris of South America” (Still feels like Mexico) Very European architecture, take walk, clouds looming in sky, attempting to spit rain
  • Bad News – rain wins, walk back, have lunch, take nap

Day Rating – 7

Rosado where Evita was filmed

Rosado where Evita was filmed

    Day 10 – Friday, February 6, 2009 – crystal clear, blue skies, 75 degrees
  • Good News – Take 6 hour tour by boat & bus to the river Delta, “the Venice or Amsterdam” of Buenos Aires, 5000 waterways, 30 km from city, have lunch in old restored mansion home, take nap, Go to El Querandi for dinner & Tango show, good but expected more steamy, sexy dancing
    Day Rating – 10
Typical tree lined street in Buenos Aires

Typical tree lined street in Buenos Aires

 Day 11 – Saturday, February 7, 2009 – high clouds, 75 degrees

  • Good News – Change to Intercontinental hotel to start A&K tour, very nice
  • Good News – take half day city tour, colorful La Boca area full of music & local Tango show on streets, see Evita’s tomb in most massive mausoleum cemetery ever seen, have happy hour, go to Café Tortoni for best coffee,  reception back at hotel
Bohemian La Boca

Bohemian La Boca

Day Rating – 9
First Impression/Lasting Impression Buenos Aires – 8.5


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